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Mike's Mad4these w/c 8 Dec 08
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artist

1 1 MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD Hey World (Don't Give Up) new single from the 'All Rebel Rockers' album
2 4 FRANZ FERDINAND Ulyses new single 19 January
3 2 KAISER CHIEFS Good Days Bad Days new single 15 Dec
4 - FILTHY DUKES Messages / What Happens Next from the 'Nonsense In The Dark' album 16 Feb 09
5 12 WOMBATS Is This Christmas new single 15 December
6 - KID BRITISH She Will Leave new single
7 - KILLERS Joy Ride from the 'Day & Age' album
8 - ALL AMERICAN REJECTS Real World from the 'When The World Comes Down' album due Feb 09
9 5 THE KING BLUES What If Punk Never Happened (Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip Mix) promo
10 6 LADYHAWKE My Delirium JBag Hot Pop Remix Edit new single 8 December
11 7 BAREFOOT CONFESSOR Camden Road from sampler CD
12 8 SNOW PATROL Crack The Shutters new single 15 December from the 'A Hundred Million Suns' album
12 9 SHORTWAVE SET Glitches N' Bugs / Slave To The Rhythm new single 8 December from the album 'Replica Sun Machine'
12 10 FRATELLIS A Heady Tale new single 22 December

ohell anagram Welcome to the internet home for Mike TreVelyan and Mad4it - a weekly and sometimes mobile club night. We like to raise the roof with the biggest indie & alternative hits ever and take in some mainstream & some unusual requests - click here for a recent setlist. Here's Cardiff Barfly's upcoming Friday live line-up :- Friday 12th December ex- Seahorses Chris Helme + ex-Pipette Rose Elinor Dougall

this week's post ...

The Answer with us in 2005, now supporting AC/DC in the States, click here for more pics

The Answer
On & On
new single 22 February
The Answer are a four piece from Northern Ireland who played our fine Cardiff Barfly venue for Mad4it a couple of years back ... hey, they've moved up a few gears since then. If you've been to see AC/DC in the US this year or if you're a Letterman addict you'll have seen this band. This is rock from the top drawer, hard hitting, superb riffing and brilliantly constructed. The 168bpm 'On & On' se4ts the tone at just 3'30" ideal for radio, then there's the steady 3'30" 100bpm throttle of 'Highwater Or Hell' with it's "I could kill a man" referencing and track three, the 82bpm 'Never Too Late'. Hot rockin' -
Check the pics from The Answer @ Mad4it here

Cage The Elephant
Back Against The Wall
new single 26 January
A great year showing steady progress for Kentuckey combo Cage The Elephant, a Top 40 single in 'Ain't No Rest For The Wicked' bigger gigs and their debu
t album receiving much aclaim. 'Back Against The Wall' is another great track from their album now reworked for single release in the new year and again it's top notch so hopefully top thirty will beckon again

Fifty Phantoms
Last Night
new single 26 January
Well this is quite brilliant, two completely different versions of the same song, both are amazing. First the slinky, meandering, funky syncopated 94bpm three minute track bound for Fifty Phantoms debut album 'Revolutionism' due on 9 February ... and then .. Soul Seekers Retro Radio Remix powers along at 136bpm but with added something ... a weird kind of phasing effect on the speede vocals which sounds bizarre and breathtaking at the same time. Watch out for these guys, Sam, Mustafa and Leo who've drawn on influences as diverse as Kanye, Dylan, Chillis and Daft Punk to create indie / r&b. A superb listen

Franz Ferdinand Singles
new single 19 January
'Take Me Home' is five years old ... ah it can't be but it is. Five years since I was playing a heavily muttilated version on Red Dragon FM, for some reason Capital
(nee GCap now Global management) cut the brilliant intro. (obviously the powers that be didn't understand - still look where greed's led them!). Anyway this promo collection is a timely reminder of FF's success prone tunes like 'Michael', 'The Fallen', 'Outsiders', 'Do You Want To' and should help give their brilliant new tune 'Ulyses' a push into the top ten

Gold Teeth
new single 23 February
Yeh man this is cool, in fact it's "Tropical, Afro-beat, Electronica" and that is an apt description of a slinky stripped back 116bpm rhythm track. 'Everybody' "you don't even laugh at me". Gold Teeth led by Jonny Tams - Bleeps & Construction and featuring Nick Rowson - Electric Twang, Will Ritson - Boom & Bap, Joe DaCosta - Mouth, George Longworth - Low Electric Twang are pushing hard for Morden and South Wimbledon on 2009's musical map! A great tune

Kaiser Chiefs - Calvin Harris Mix
Good Days Bad Days
new single 15 December
Mr Harris has slowed this track down a little and at 111bpm for six minutes there's plenty of in cues and out cues. Vocals more back in the mix, Calvin's distinctive ear for a thudding dance beat is in evidence a plenty. Perfect for a cut to Dizzee's 'Dance Wiv Me', I think though the original three minute single is pretty hard to beat. V good

Kid Crudi Vs Crookers
Day 'N' Nite
new single 12 January
'Day N Nite' is a fine tune from Cleveland, Ohio rapper and singer Kid Cudi
"lyrically angst filled and insomnia inspired" ... Eight superb mizes by production duo Crookers, Bimbo Jones, DONS, Mobin Master, Agent X and Greenmoney. Made for floorfilling excellence

Lady Gaga & Colby Odonis
Just Dance
new single 5 January
An American top tenner at 119bpm which should see big action here also, yeah this is a fine dance track with plenty of alternative mixes, ideal for sequing to Kardinal Offishal's 'Dangerous' and infact the Kardinal has his fingered on mixing duty here also. A great pop / r&b crossover hit

Lily Allen
The Fear
new single 26 January
"I don't know what's right and what's real anymore, and I don't know what to feel anymore" ... this new Lily Allen song 'The Fear' is a bit of a psychologist's dream, she seems to be in a bit of a muddle. Two and a half million debut albums sold, pop star drama school, followed her dad and her bruv and now here she is in plop star city. One track on her new album 'Guess Who Batman' features Lily singing:
“F*ck you, f*ck you very very much, cos we hate you and we hate your whole crew, so please don’t stay in touch.” Lils’ uploaded half of the track to her Myspace and explained: “This song is not a direct attack at anyone, it was originally written about the BNP in the UK but then I felt this issue has become relevant pretty much everywhere, we are the youth, we can make coolness for our future, it's up to us, go green and hate hate". At the same time our Lil seems to fail to see the perplexing nature of her apparent dislike/hatred for y'ole former fan Perez Hilton, among many others - who she regularly 'hates' attacking her for partying too hard and her drunken behaviour. She hit back saying: “If I'm so irrelevant, stop subscribing to my blog and let me get back to work.” Lily's not irrelevant, but her behaviour does often resemble drunk, err confused even, and these songs are very much like a page from her diary. There you go, having got that off my chest ... top five

Little Comets
One Night In October
new single 19 January
"This is a tale of a man, of a boy, of a girl, of a wife. for putting your hands into trousers and knickers can destroy a life" enter Newcastle's The Little Comets with the lyrics to their song 'Adultery' as a greeting on their myspace. It's just like Madonna says we're booze, bare tits and sex mad! These Geordie boys have given us two very unusual trax here, the 110bpm 'One Night In October' with it's sad end to a night line "and I'll sleep in my car" and then there's the forlorn 'Her Black Eyes'. This is good material, with a bit of polish and keep up the pressure big chances

new single Jan 09
Madcon follow their top five Four Seasons cover 'Beggin' with an original tune, the similarly paced 127bpm 'Liar'. It's almost spot the difference made for seguing
with it's predecessor. Will lightening strike twice for these Euro's, quite possibly - top forty at least

Metro Station
new single
From Hollywood, California come Metro Station
"we won't be seventeen forever.. " I'm tempted to think they must have somewhere come across The Courteeners hmmm ... there the similarity ends. 'Watch Seventeen Forever' greets you on their myspace along with the 190bpm 'Control' their new UK single, this is very slick up-tempo off-beat indie electro dance d'you get the picture? Yes we see. Good coz Metro Station could easily go big time

Wild Young Hearts
new single 29 December
The welcome return of Ther Noisettes with a 2' 40", 180bpm opus for youth. 'Wild Young Hearts' fair pounds along and should put them back in the top forty

Opera House Remixes
Change In Nature Remixes
new EP
A fine tune from Opera House which further demonstrates Filthy Dukes prowess. At 119bpm they've created another electro masterpiece perfect radio and dancefloor fodder

Invaders Must Die
new one week only single 26 November
I really like this with it's "we are The Prodigy" intro and pulsating 140bpm. It's a little like they've been listening to Andrew Lloyd Webber's 'Doctor Spin and 'Tetris'
and they've concocted another 'Charlie' like link to childhood thangs, this time space invaders seems a likely inspiration. It's technically ace and shows dem nasty boys are intent on continuing

Red Light Company
Arts & Crafts
new single 2 March
Red Light Company are a hard working band, currently on tour with The Pigeon Detectives, previously with The Kaisers and they've played a couple of our nights in the past few months and I really hope this great new single cracks it for them.
"Your testimony shakes and all you wanted breaks I will never leave you found somebody new is it true" the 130bpm 'Arts & Crafts' is a grand piece of spine-tingling pop running at 3'40" with a softly spoken piano intro which sets the atmosphere for power drums into the pounding beef of the tune. A great record, nee a masterpiece - it wouldn't be out of place at number one

Snow Patrol - Haunts Remix
Catch The Shutters
new single 15 December
A quite superb 127bpm electro punding remix of a very mellow tune from 'A Million Suns' and with Leona further demonstrating what a great song 'Run' is this
should again help Snow Patrol to another top ten hit. Excellent

The View
Shock Horror
new single 2 February 2009
Well here we are with the follow-up to '5Rebeccas' and the 160bpm 'Shock Horror' continues the high powered theme. It's intriguing that they seem to have
dropped the more melodic material like 'The Don' and 'Same Jeans'. In fact '5R's' and now 'Shock Horror' are both more like the wild end section of 'Same Jeans' so who knows ... with concerted airplay top thirty

new cd's
our weekly a to z of new cd review's is listed below

this week
The Answer 22/2
Cage The Elephant 26/1
Fifty Phantoms 26/1
Franz Ferdinand Singles
Gold Teeth
Kaiser Chiefs & Calvin Harris
Kid Crudi Vs Crookers 12/1
Lady Gaga & Colby Odonis 5/1
Lily Allen 26/1
Little Comets
Madcon Jan/09
Metro Station
Noisettes 29/12
Opera House Remixes
Prodigy 26/11
Red Light Company
Snow Patrol Remix 15/12
View 2/2/09

1 Dec
All American Rejects
White Lies

24 Nov
FilthyDukes 16/2
Franz Ferdinand 19/1
Kevin Rudolph 29/12
Kid British 19/1
Killers LP 17/11
King Blues
The Sea sampler
Tommy Sparks 3/10
Wombats 15/12

17 Nov
Bye Bye Johnny 8/12
Flobots 1/12
Fratellis 22/12
Kaiser Chiefs
Katy Perry LP
Kinkane 24/11
White Lights 21/12
Wiley 1/12
The Wireless 1/12

10 Nov
Boys Like Girls
Katy Perry Remixes 24/11
Snow Patrol 15/12

3 Nov
Clinic 24/11
Geo Da Silva
John Legend
Katy Perry LP
La Roux 15/12
Ladyhawke 8/12
Metallica 15/12
Nick Harrison 24/11
Shortwave Set
Snow Patrol

27 Oct
Barefoot Confessor
Razorlight 3/11

20 Oct
Filthy Dukes 3/11
Kanye West
Keane Remixes
Nick Harrison 24/11

13 Oct
Gloria Cycles
Josephine Oniyama 17/11
Kid British
Lucien Caine 27/10
Opera House 10/11
Red Light Company
Thomas Tantrum
The Verve

6 Oct
Barefoot Confessor Sampler
Cage The Elephant 6/10
Calvin Party 3/11
Danko Jones 24/11
Esser 10/11
Finger Eleven 9/11
Killers 17/11 LP 24/11
King Blues LP 20/10
Natty 29/9
Stereophonics LP 10/11
Wild Beasts 13/10
Will Tang 27/10

29 Sep
Charli XCX 17/11
InnerPartySystem LP 29/9
Keane 20/10
Ladytron 29/9
Lykke Li 27/10
Towers Of London LP

22 Sep
Burningpilot 27/10
Dana Nana Naykroyd 6/10
Detroit Socail Club
David Guetta & Chris Willis 27/10
Fall Out Boy 20/10
Flobots LP 29/10
Honey Ryder 6/10
Jeremy Warmsley
The Kills 3/11
Ladyhawke LP 22/9
MIA 'Kala' LP
Robots In Disguise
Sash Best Of 20/10
Team Waterpolo 27/10
VV Brown Remixes 3/11
Young Rival






























This week's Top 40 ...

Christmas is back and so are The Pogues & Kirstie MacColl, Wham and Mariah Carey and Leona Lewis goes straight to the top with Run. Credit crunching Wiley & Daniel Merriweather arrive at 18 while at a high of No. 10 Kings Of Leon chalk up nine weeks on the top forty for 'Use Somebody' which becomes a physical CD single this week

7 new entries + 2 re-entries – 7 up, 24 down, no non-movers

Top 40 Sun 6 Dec 08

This Week ... Last Week ... Weeks In ... Artist ... Title


2 1 2 TAKE THAT Greatest Day

3 7 5 BRITNEY SPEARS Womanizer

4 5 8 KATY PERRY Hot N Cold

5 4 4 KILLERS Human

6 2 5 BEYONCE If I Were A Boy

7 3 5 T.I. & RIHANNA Live Your Life

8 9 6 AKON Right Now (Na Na Na)

9 6 5 ALESHA DIXON The Boy Does Nothing

10 15 9 KINGS OF LEON Use Somebody



12 new OASIS I'm Outta Time

13 11 7 GURU JOSH PROJECT Infinity 08

14 17 13 KINGS OF LEON Sex On Fire

15 10 7 GIRLS ALOUD The Promise

16 12 6 PUSSYCAT DOLLS I Hate This Part

17 37 2 MARIAH CAREY All I Want For Christmas Is You


19 new POGUES & KIRSTIE MacCOLL Fairytale Of New York


21 19 3 N-DUBZ Papa Can You Hear Me

22 16 11 PINK So What

23 14 11 KANYE WEST Love Lockdown

24 20 5 LEONA LEWIS Forgive Me

25 re-entry 4 MILEY CYRUS Seven Things


27 25 5 THE SCRIPT Breakeven

28 22 4 DUFFY Rain On Your Parade

29 26 8 SATURDAYS Up

30 13 2 SAME DIFFERENCE We Are One

31 new JAMES MORRISON & NELLY Broken Strings

32 new BRITNEY SPEARS Circus

33 re-entry 2 WILL YOUNG Grace

34 21 4 LEMAR If She Knew

35 28 19 RIHANNA Disturbia

36 new WHAM Last Christmas

37 new BEYONCE Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

38 32 19 KATY PERRY I Kissed A Girl

39 29 12 JENNIFER HUDSON Spotlight

40 27 2 TAKE THAT Rule The World

Richie Havens
Thinking this looks like a mint condition pressing of a 1971 Polydor 7" single, never heard it, for ten pence you can't go wrong, ashtray at least it was 10p in a charity shop so I bought it

So that's how I became re-aquainted with Richie Havens. Following his appearance at Woodstock and The Rolling Stones 1969 Concert In Hyde Park Richie was a next big thing who didn't quite happen that way.

'What About Me' is a song he covered written by Jessie Oris Farrow .. who? This turns out to be a pseudonym for Chester (Chet) William Powers, Jr. who was also known as Dino Valenti - An American singer-songwriter with the Quicksilver Messenger Service and the song is the title track of their December 1970 album.

Sadly Dino had to use so many names to escape the confinement of having signed a dodgy contract giving away his song-writing rights while high with cocaine addiction in the 1960's. Aged 51 he passed away in 1994 but his song lives on with words which seem forty years ahead of it's time. The QSM original is a little loose to say the least but Richie Havens version rolls along with a passion still evident in his live shows today, here's the lyrics

You poison my sweet waters
You chop down my green trees
And the food you feed my children
is the cause of that ill disease

My world is slowly falling down
and the air is not fit to breathe
and those of us who care enough
we have to do something

Oh what you gonna do about me

Your newspapers, they just put you on
They never tell you the whole story
They just put your young ideas down down
I was wondering could this be the end of your pride and glory

I work in your factories and I study in your schools
I fill your penitentiaries and your military too
I can feel the future trembling as the world is passed around
If you stick up for what you do believe in be prepared to be shot down

Oh what you gonna do about me

Well I feel like a stranger in the land where I was born
And I live just like an outlaw I'm always on the run
They got me always on the run, always on the run
always on the run you see I'm always on the run

Though you may be the stronger now my millions around
You keep adding to my numbers as you shoot my people down
I can hear the future trembling as the world is passed around
We are gonna stick for what we do believe in and be prepared to be shot down

Oh what you gonna do about me

Hear Richie Havens on this website alongside more unique hand picked classics from the likes of The Beatles with Morecambe & Wise and Kid Rock In The Attic on Radio 2xs, 10.15pm til midnight on Sunday 28th December 2008

America's Hot 100

This Week ... Last Week ... Artist ... Title

1 2 BEYONCE Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

2 1 T.I. & RIHANNA Live Your Life

3 3 BEYONCE If I Were A Boy

4 4 T.I. Whatever You Like


6 4 KATY PERRY Hot N Cold

7 9 NE-YO Miss Independent

8 8 PINK So What

9 - BRITNEY SPEARS Womanizer

10 - JASON MRAZ I'm Yours