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Mike's Mad4these w/c 24 Nov 08
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artist

1 2 SNOW PATROL Crack The Shutters new single 15 December from the 'A Hundred Million Suns' album
2 6 LADYHAWKE My Delirium JBag Hot Pop Remix Edit new single 8 December
3 1 BAREFOOT CONFESSOR Camden Road from sampler CD
4 3 SHORTWAVE SET Glitches N' Bugs / Slave To The Rhythm new single from the album 'Replica Sun Machine'
5 - FRATELLIS A Head Tale new single 22 December
6 - KAISER CHIEFS Good Days Bad Days new single
7 - FLOBOTS Rise new single 1 December
8 - WILEY & DANIEL MERRIWEATHER Cash in My Pocket new single 1 December
9 4 THE KILLS Tape Song / London Hates You new single
10 12 LA ROUX Quicksand new single 15 December
11 5 STREETS Heaven For The Weather new single
12 7 CLINIC Tomorrow new single 24 November

ohell anagram Welcome to the internet home for Mike TreVelyan and Mad4it - a weekly and sometimes mobile club night. We like to raise the roof with the biggest indie & alternative hits ever and take in some mainstream & some unusual requests - click here for a recent setlist. Here's Cardiff Barfly's upcoming Friday live line-up :- Friday 28th November it's Fight Like Apes with supprt from The Xcerts + Telegram From The Queen then on Friday 5th December it's 90's chart band Dodgy + ENL, on Friday 12th December ex- Seahorses Chris Helme + ex-Pipette Rose Elinor Dougall

this week's post ...

Filthy Dukes
Nonsense In The Dark
new album 16 February 2009
An absolutely superb collection of pounding top notch '09 indie electro funk. The biting single 'Tupac Robot Club Rock' is folllowed by four solidly structured
slabs 'This Rhythm', 'Messages', title track 'Nonsense In The Dark' and hit single in waiting 'What Happens Next'. I like their Kevin Rudolph remix set to chart soon - Quite brilliant

Franz Ferdinand
new single 19 January
Well this is an interesting 98bpm weave, a syncopated funky drums bassline, a quasi seventies sounding keyboard and eureka - this is top quality I really like it. Mad to think 'Take Me home' was relaesed near five years ago, now Franz are back this should be top five

Kevin Rudolph & Lil Wayne
Let It Rock
new single 29 December
'Let It Rock' is a massive hit Stateside, not surprisingly it's a top quality merging of hip hop rock. Cahill & Filthy Dukes provide a couple of excellent 128bpm dance remixes of which I like the to the point radio edits best and the explicit album version does the biz too

Kid British
She Will Leave
from their new 'Leave London' EP 19 January
I really like this 117bpm follow-up to 'Elizabeth', some tasty chords and riffing, fine vocals and a catchy lyric - see them support The Enemy in 2009 - chart chancer

The Killers
Day & Age
new album 24 November
Another fine album from The Killers from start to finish. Initial fave trax 'Joyride', 'A Dustland Fairytale' and the top three single 'Human'. Also I've just started re-activating 'Don't Shoot Me Santa' - another wry look at the sad state of affirs we're in!

The King Blues vs Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip
What If Punk Never Happened?

Well this is really a six minute monologue set to a funky drummer backbeat and works surprisingly well. Some inaccuracies can be forgiven like actually protest songs began centuries ago and not with punk, and early seventies punk were anti-Labour not the lovely Maggie but hey ho the government always gets in -right. Another excellent tune from The King Blue's and their new year single 'Get The Girl' should chart easily

The Sea
Get It Back
Relocating from London to Cornwall like The Sea have is a big move, but I would guess it has always been their intention to return to the smoke once they've fine tuned an already considerable collection of increasingly strong and impressive material. Down to biznezz from the intro with big potential chant value on the opener 'Don't You Want Me', the short sweet and strong guitar based indie rock continues on the 2'47" 'Love Love Love' (needless to say not James Blunt's song), 'Say It Again' features more chanty vocals while 'Everybody Knows' kicks off with some tidy riffage while at 3'50" 'Can You Feel' is the longest track with a pounding jungle drum like intro and some charged guitar work. V good, 09 looks promising for The Sea

Tommy Sparks
I'm A Rope
new single
A indie guitar pounding 150bpm and a good chance of winning new fans, a maybe

Is This Christmas
new single 15 December
A jaunty little Christmas tune powering along at the usual Wombats pace of 166bpm... and The Wombats have thoughtfully added sleigh-bells - how quaint and should be a cert for Top 40 action when Santa arrives

The BBC's Philip Hayton with the historic announcement




new cd's
our weekly a to z of new cd review's is listed below

this week
FilthyDukes 16/2
Franz Ferdinand 19/1
Kevin Rudolph
Kid British
Killers LP 17/11
King Blues
The Sea sampler
Tommy Sparks 3/10

17 Nov
Bye Bye Johnny 8/12
Flobots 1/12
Fratellis 22/12
Kaiser Chiefs
Katy Perry LP
Kinkane 24/11
White Lights 21/12
Wiley 1/12
The Wireless 1/12

10 Nov
Boys Like Girls
Katy Perry Remixes 24/11
Snow Patrol 15/12

3 Nov
Clinic 24/11
Geo Da Silva
John Legend
Katy Perry LP
La Roux 15/12
Ladyhawke 8/12
Metallica 15/12
Nick Harrison 24/11
Shortwave Set
Snow Patrol

27 Oct
Barefoot Confessor
Razorlight 3/11

20 Oct
Filthy Dukes 3/11
Kanye West
Keane Remixes
Nick Harrison 24/11

13 Oct
Gloria Cycles
Josephine Oniyama 17/11
Kid British
Lucien Caine 27/10
Opera House 10/11
Red Light Company
Thomas Tantrum
The Verve

6 Oct
Barefoot Confessor Sampler
Cage The Elephant 6/10
Calvin Party 3/11
Danko Jones 24/11
Esser 10/11
Finger Eleven 9/11
Killers 17/11 LP 24/11
King Blues LP 20/10
Natty 29/9
Stereophonics LP 10/11
Wild Beasts 13/10
Will Tang 27/10

29 Sep
Charli XCX 17/11
InnerPartySystem LP 29/9
Keane 20/10
Ladytron 29/9
Lykke Li 27/10
Towers Of London LP

22 Sep
Burningpilot 27/10
Dana Nana Naykroyd 6/10
Detroit Socail Club
David Guetta & Chris Willis 27/10
Fall Out Boy 20/10
Flobots LP 29/10
Honey Ryder 6/10
Jeremy Warmsley
The Kills 3/11
Ladyhawke LP 22/9
MIA 'Kala' LP
Robots In Disguise
Sash Best Of 20/10
Team Waterpolo 27/10
VV Brown Remixes 3/11
Young Rivals

this week's Top 40 ...

Beyonce's excellent song is the new number one while four new entries feature N-Dubz, Christian Falk & Robyn (as featured on Now 71) and back again Madcon and Snow Patrol's 'Run'

Top 40 Sun 23 Nov 08

This Week ... Last Week ... Weeks In ... Artist ... Title

1 3 3 BEYONCE If I Were A Boy


3 4 2 KILLERS Human

4 2 3 T.I. & RIHANNA Live Your Life

5 7 6 KATY PERRY Hot N Cold

6 5 3 ALESHA DIXON The Boy Does Nothing

7 6 1 5 GIRLS ALOUD The Promise

8 9 5 GURU JOSH PROJECT Infinity 08

9 8 3 BRITNEY SPEARS Womanizer

10 10 3 LEONA LEWIS Forgive Me


11 12 9 PINK So What

12 11 9 KANYE WEST Love Lockdown

13 13 11 KINGS OF LEON Sex On Fire

14 20 4 AKON Right Now (Na Na Na)

15 22 2 DUFFY Rain On Your Parade

16 19 4 PUSSYCAT DOLLS I Hate This Part

17 21 7 KINGS OF LEON Use Somebody


19 14 2 LEMAR If She Knew

20 26 2 NICKELBACK Gotta Be Somebody


21 28 3 BELLAMY BROTHERS Let Your Love Flow

22 18 6 SATURDAYS Up

23 15 9 ALICIA KEYS & JACK WHITE Another Way To Die

24 23 10 JENNIFER HUDSON Spotlight

25 24 3 THE SCRIPT Breakeven

26 30 17 KATY PERRY I Kissed A Girl

27 31 17 RIHANNA Disturbia

28 new SNOW PATROL Run


30 new N-DUBZ Papa Can You Hear Me


31 17 3 CHRISTINA AGUILERA Keeps Gettin' Better

32 29 6 SASH & STUNT Raindrops

33 37 9 SUGABABES Girls

34 32 13 NE-YO Miss Independent

35 35 5 CHRIS BROWN & KERI HILSON Superhuman

36 25 6 RAZORLIGHT Wire To Wire

37 27 2 GUNS N ROSES Chinese Democracy

38 re-entry 14 MADCON Beggin'

39 38 12 PUSSYCAT DOLLS When I Grow Up

40 39 18 THE SCRIPT The Man Who Can't Be Moved

Great Stuff ...

In a nutshell...
Vatman strikes again, "here have a lovely two and a half p, now go and spend it and save the world". Life in the politburo eh? So we've lent shedloads of money to people who can't pay it back .. the money has gone .. finito Benito. Now we await our punishment and how scary is Jaqui Smith and which of our governing buffoons is the least likely .. it's a tough one

The facts of life...
A little boy goes to his father and asks, 'What is Politics and why is that Gordon Brown on the television again?'
Dad says, 'Well son, let me try to explain it this way:
I am the head of the family, so call me The Prime Minister.
Your mother is the administrator of the money, so we call her the Government.
We are here to take care of your needs, so we will call you the People.
The nanny, we will consider her the Working Class.
And your baby brother, we will call him the Future.
Now think about that and see if it makes sense.'
So the little boy goes off to bed thinking about what Dad has said.
Later that night, he hears his baby brother crying, so he gets up to check on him.
He finds that the baby has severely soiled his nappy.
So the little boy goes to his parent's room and finds his mother asleep.
Not wanting to wake her, he goes to the nanny's room. Finding the door locked, he peeks in the keyhole and sees his father in bed with the nanny.
He gives up and goes back to bed.
The next morning, the little boy say's to his father, 'Dad, I think I understand the concept of politics now.'
The father says, 'Good, son, tell me in your own words what you think politics is all about.'
The little boy replies, 'The Prime Minister is screwing the Working Class while the Government is sound asleep. The People are being ignored and the Future is in deep sh*t

Sad but not true...
A cruise on the Pacific goes all wrong, the ship sinks, and there are
only 3 Survivors; Tom, Howard and Debbie.
They manage to swim to a small island and they live there for a couple
of years doing what's natural for men and women to do.
After several years of casual sex, all the time, Debbie felt absolutely
horrible about what she was doing.
She felt having sex with both Tom and Howard was so immoral and bad
that she killed herself.
It was tragic, but Tom and Howard managed to get through it. After a
while, Tom and Howard's resistance to nature's urgings waned, and the
inevitable happened.
Well, a year went by and Tom and Howard began to feel absolutely
horrible about what they were doing and no longer could continue in
this practice ..............
So, they (finally) buried Debbie

America's Hot 100

This Week ... Last Week ... Artist ... Title

1 1 T.I. & RIHANNA Live Your Life

2 2 T.I. Whatever You Like

3 5 BEYONCE If I Were A Boy

4 3 KATY PERRY Hot N Cold

5 6 PINK So What


7 7 BRITNEY SPEARS Womanizer

8 10 AKON Right Now (Na Na Na)

9 - KANYE WEST Love Lockdown

10 9 JASON MRAZ I'm Yours