VV La Vida, watch 'Crying For Blood' here

Mike's Mad4these w/c 22 Sep 08
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artist

1 2 VV BROWN Crying Blood new single 29 Sep Myspace
2 1 KAISER CHIEFS Never Miss A Beat new single 6 October
3 4 JOHN LEGEND Greenlight new single 6 October
4 7 KATY PERRY Ur So Gay / Thinking Of You / Hot N Cold all from the 'One Of The Boys' album out 14 September YouTubeVideo
5 8 BLACK DANIEL Say Hello new single 20 October
6 9 THE LAST SHOW PUPPETS My Mistakes Were Made For You new single 20 October
7 - PRIMAL SCREAM & CALVIN HARRIS Uptown new single 27 October
8 11 SNOW PATROL Take Back The City new single 13 October
9 10 THE VIEW 5Rebbeccas new single 27 October
10 - METALLICA Cyanide from the 'Death Magnetic' album
11 3 HUMAN Pacey Singer new single 22 September
12 5 CAGE THE ELEPHANT In One Ear re-released single 6 Oct
12 - WAVE MACHINES The Greatest Escape We Ever Made new single 27 October
12 - BEN FOLDS Brainwascht from the 'Way To Normal' album out on 29 September

ohell anagram welcome to the internet home for Mike TreVelyan and Mad4it - a weekly and sometimes mobile club night. We like to raise the roof with the biggest indie & alternative hits ever and take in some mainstream & some unusual requests - click here for a recent setlist.
Here's Cardiff Barfly's Friday live line-up:-

Friday 26th September -
Johnny Foreigner
Friday 3rd October - Wilko Johnson

this week's post ...

new single
"You're moving too slow, you're off the pace.." lyrics which set the tone for another unusual record. This is quite dancey at 120bpm's and a spoken word tune
which is fairly accesible over a straight guitar based rhythm track. It always sounds appealing to me, there's quite an art to it don't you know. the Pursuit Of Happiness and A House mastered it, Flobots and erm possibly The Beatles on tunes like 'I Am the Walrus' and 'Yellow Submarine' although they had the disadvantage of strong melody too. Nevertheless Burningpilot should pick up some deserved airplay with this, that's a catchy hook that "you're off the pace .. "

Dana Nana Aykroyd
Pink Sabbath
new single 6 October
DNA are on tour with Johnny Foreigner and are about to record their debut album in New York City with Machine of Fall Out Boy, Lamb Of God and Every Time I
Die credits. 'Pink Sabbath' begins with grungey guitars at a medium 92bpm before ripping into a noisy paced up 190bpm, short sharp and not sweet but loud enough to be noticed. Track two 'Chrome Rainbow' sounds remarkably similar, like Motorhead on speed if that's possible

Detroit Socail Club
Rivers & Rainbows / Silver
new single 27 October
A steady, gruesome slab of 90bpm Newcastle
"I swear I'll always need you" leads the chorus on Detroit Social Club's debut single 'Rivers & Rainbows'. 'Silver' has a funky dark bass feel again with a very unusual atmosphere complimented by harmonic and a brief repetitious guitar line, vocals spoken as in a church prayer, very bizarre. Written and produced by David Burn at The Garage and mixed by Mike Crossley at Miloco, a stand-out from the pack

David Guetta & Chris Willis
Tomorrow Can Wait
new single 27 October
'F**k Me David Guetta's Famous' and more so with the third hit single from his album 'Pop Life' Five mixes here produced by Tocadisco and again featuring the
superb vocals of Chris Willis should see The Eggman easily hatch a Top Twenty floorfiller (sic). 'Love Is Gone' has clocked up 20 million views on YouTube so watch ouyt for this, here in five mixes The Tocadisco Evil Mix, The Arias Seat Ibiza Remix, The Sharam DG Edit and the three minute Radio and six minute Club versions. Brilliant

Fall Out Boy
I Don't Care
new single 20 October
Yeah another great tune bodes well for their new album. A chunky 135bpm, I can almost hear a little Depeche Mode Personal Jesus Riffing here. It's got great
Top Five potential even though after hitting number forty on downloads alone last week it's dropped back a little this week.

Fight With Tools
new album 29 September
An awesome work of art, a thirteen chaptered book cleverly assembled into thirteen politcal representations. Well these guys are sitting high up another four places to 14 on the top twenty, their debut album released this week. Politics and music, love songs all part of the tapestry of pop, Flobots have just supported Rage Against The Machine at the Democratic National Convention ... aren't Rage signed to Sony? And Flobots are signed to Island. I was just reading some internet gib on Hollywood importing The Beatles to America in the wake of JFK's death to further the work started by Elvis of unravelling America's 'pure' pre-rock n roll lifestyle with some evil ends. As Agatha Christie said "they ever will believe the lie, those who see with not through the eye". 'Fight With Tools' is like a new Rage / Disposable Heroes album, political and very wordy from start to finish. Titles like 'Same Thing', 'Combat', 'We Are Winning', 'Your Mind', 'Stand Up' and title track 'Fight With Tools' .... Take 'Mayday' -
"US is not US and US is not we and we are not satisfied, we are tired of the same thing and we're ready to make change ... " The only lyric missing on 'Mayday' is Vote Obama. Then there's UK bonus track 'Iraq' for which perhaps for reasons of space no lyric sheet is provided. This is strong stuff very clever, I hope it's not misguided, and leading up to what would be an enormnous disappointment. If you think McCain's the man for the job you'll probably hate it, but Barack is ahead in the polls and Flobots 'Handlebars' is up another four places to 14 on the top twenty. An essential album

Honey Ryder
Fly Away Remixed
new single 6 October
Honey Ryder aka London based Martyn Shone and Lindsay O'Mahoney scored a surprise top thirty success with their debut single 'Numb' a couple of months
back and now they're set to release their debut album 'Rising Up' on 13 October. 'Fly Away' comes in eight fine mixes from Papercuts, Fat Buddah, Howlin Wolf, the 132bpm Ortega Gold & Vocal and our favoured mix - The 129bpm MHC Vocal. Top Twenty this time?

Jeremy Warmsley
Dancing With The Enemy
new single 15 September
Indie Folk Rocker Jeremy will be at Cardiff Barfly Mad4it on Friday 10th October to purvey his eccentric humour and arrangements. 'Dancing With The Enemy' is wonderfully titled and a kind of a plinkety plonk piano rasping up to 128bpm with intimate vocals and arrangement.
"The video depicts a love affair between a German soldier and a young English woman on the channel islands during World War II. The song itself was inspired by a history book that depicted such controversial relationships that often arose during this time. Some English families were obliged to accommodate German soldiers in their houses. Whilst shamed by their communities "dancing with the enemy' sets out to celebrate such an affair as a triumph of love over circumstance. The video was also intended to be comedic and to satirise the the lunacy of war (for example the self mockery of the goose stepping), as well as being romantic and touching". Then there's the unusual topics of 'My Void' and the near six minute epic 'My Grandmother'. An aquired taste I imagine Jools Holland will be warming too. A great story song with a great vid for £500, see it here

The Kills
Tape Song / Cheap & Cheerful Remixes

new single 3 November
'Cheap & Chearful' originally released as a single back in March comes in a couple of remixes here. At around 129bpm, the Sebastian Remix is inyaface and well
groovy, the Fake Blood mix is not quite as 'pop'. Great duo, The Kills played at one of our nights five years back, these remixes hopefully available commercially soon with their new single 'Tape Song' due on 3 November

new album 22 September
This is a brilliant debut packed with possible singles ... 'Magic', 'Manipulating Woman', 'My Delirium', 'Professional Suicide' ... 'Back Of The Van, ... 'Dusk Til Dawn' I
really like this lady, Pip Brown from New Zealand. A great upbeat collection with five of the thirteen songs produced by Pascal Gabriel of S-Express, Kylie, New Order, Bomb The Bass production credit. The excellent single 'Paris Is Burning' is included - it's a four and nine tenths out of five star performance

album released March 08
Much interest in MIA now Paper Planes has scored such massive success in the USA and now at number 19 in the UK. A strangely favourable result perhaps
for a Sri Lankan lady, daughter of a Tamil Tiger who moved to Britian in childhood studied art, returned to Sri Lanka and moved to New York to start a new life and family. At 31 years of age, she's right on the edge mixing political thought with the 'pop' sound. 'Paper Planes' is a strange montage of unease, appealing and appalling at the same time. This is a powerful lady with some powerful ideas ---

Robots In Disguise
The Tears
new single 8 September
We love The Robots, they played a great set at Mad4it a little while back. Check to see the pics. This is a fine single, sooner or
later they'll be top forty, maybe The Tears will crack it

The Best Of Sash
new album 20 October
Wow it's ten years since 'Encore Une Fois' and 'Equador' and here comes a best of with a difference. These great hits are now followed by updated mixes for
2008 and each one is a gem. For 'Encore' Sash has taken a leaf out of Basshunter's book and the track now chugs along at 140bpm and features a song 'Raindrops' sung by Stunt, a surefire Top Tenner. Then there's a powering 128bpm Javi Mula and Joan Reyes remix of 'Equador', Cedric Gervais (no relation to Ricky) remixes 'Stay' again 128bpm and an absolutely superb 130bpm Static Shokx remix of 'La Prima Vera'. Tina Cousins is again in evidence on the 7th Heaven remix of Mysterious Ways, again a chunky new rhythm track and Tina's voacls make it once again a strong hit contender. Tasty DJ beats from Sash all over again - BIG!

Team Waterpolo Cool
So Called Summer
new single 27 October
Preston band Team Waterpolo have plenty of UK tour dates lined up, they play at Cardiff Barfly on Thursday 9 October. An unusual off-beat pop sound to this
and a great title. Team Waterpolo with 'So Called Summer' on YoYo Acapulco Records sounds just about right, a stand-out track that could win airplay and become a surprise hit

VV Brown
Crying Blood Remixes
new single 3 November
'Crying Blood' is a fine pop song now with four new mixes good to go. Favourite here is the 144bpm Andrew Weatherall mix, he's kind of muddied it up and
added a weird bassline. Also included are The Moody Boyz Remix and Dub and a 127bpm mix by Hannah Holland. Great

Young Rival
Your Island
new EP
From Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, Young Rival have recorded this new six track EP in Haboken, New Jersey once home to Frank Sinatra. With a certain different
something in their style, six songs recorded at Dubway Studios include the 150bpm 'Your Island' at 2'10", 'Poisonous Moves' at 136bpm and 2'40". The catchy 140bpm 'Too Hip' with it's lush bassline, finale the 132bpm 'The Haunt' has an intriguing accoustic intro before winding up to 132bpm. This is a good slice of work, some interesting songs and worthy of attention

new cd's
our weekly a to z of new cd review's is listed below

this week
Dana Nana Naykroyd 6/10
Detroit Socail Club
David Guetta & Chris Willis 27/10
Fall Out Boy 20/10
Flobots LP 29/10
Honey Ryder 6/10
Jeremy Warmsley
The Kills 3/11
Ladyhawke LP 22/9
MIA 'Kala' LP
Robots In Disguise
Sash Best Of 20/10
Team Waterpolo 27/10
VV Brown Remixes 3/11
Young Rival

15 Sep
Ben Folds 29/9
Cut Off Your Hands 13/10
Ida Maria 3/11
Neil Halstead
Primal Scream v Calvin Harris
This City 22/9
Wave Machines 27/10

8 Sep
Black Daniel
Forever The Sickest Kids 13/10
Golden Silvers
Katy Perry LP 15/9 King Blues 13/10
The Metros LP 15/9
New Education
Red Light Company
The Raid 27/10
The Rivers 6/10
Scars On Broadway 6/10
Sleepcurve 13/10
The Last Shadow Puppets
To The Bones 22/9
Towers Of London 22/9
The View 27/10
You Me At Six 29/9

1 Sep
Cage The Elephant 6/10
The Coral Singles
The Cure 13/9
Elbow 29/9
Flobots LP 15/9
InnerPartySystem LP 29/9
Kaiser Chiefs
Lykke Li
Snow Patrol 13/10
VV Brown

25 Aug
The All New Adventures Of Us 29/9
Foals 29/9
Human 22/9

18 Aug
Billy Talent 15/9
Black Tide 25/8
CSS Remixes
Flobots DJ Shadow Remix
Goldblade LP 8/9
Iglu & Hartly
Johnny Flynn 1/9
Noah & The Whale LP
The Streets
Ting Tings

11 Aug
The Automatic LP
Eric Prydz 25/8
The Feeling 15/9
John Legend 4/10
Kings Of Leon 15/9
Ladyhawke 15/9
Neil Halstead 8/9
Primal Scream LP
Sergeant 1/9
Underground Railroad
Weezer 29/9
Xpress 2 & David Byrne Remixes

4 Aug
All New Adventures Of Us 4/8
The Automatic 18/8
Cold War Kids 15/9
CSS 8/9
The Delays 11/8
Flobots 15/9
Keane 4/8
Mogwai 8/9
Mystery Jets 18/8
Red Light Company 11/8
Subways LP 16/6
Subways Single 25/8
White Lies 22/9

28 Jul
InnerPartySystem 22/9
Johnny Foreigner 8/9
Maddona Fedde Le Grand Remix
The Metros 8/9
Natty 21/7
Peter Raeburn 18/8
Platnum 15/9
Sam Beeton LP 1/9
Scars On Broadway
Sharam & Daniel Bedingfield 25/8
Sonny J 8/9
We Are Scientists 8/9

21 Jul
The Coral 8/9
G Love LP
Ida Maria LP 23/7
Jeremy Warmsley
Lykke Li 25/8
Mason Jennings LP
Nick Harrison 23/6
Presets 1/9

14 Jul
Black Kids
Cut Off Your Hands
Glasvegas 25/8
Johnny Flynn
Primal Scream LP
Sharleen Spiteri 14/7
Soft Cell Remixes
Wild Beasts






















Top 40 - Sun 21 Sep 08

This Week ... Last Week ... Weeks In ... Artist ... Title

1 1 2 KINGS OF LEON Sex On Fire

2 2 8 KATY PERRY I Kissed A Girl

3 4 3 PUSSYCAT DOLLS When I Grow Up

4 23 2 McFLY Lies

5 5 8 RHIANNA Disturbia


7 8 6 MADCON Beggin'

8 7 9 THE SCRIPT The Man Who Can't Be Moved

9 14 4 NE-YO Miss Independent

10 new WILL YOUNG Changes


11 6 4 ERIC PRYDZ Pjanoo

12 3 2 CLIFF RICHARD Thank You For A Lifetime

13 9 11 KID ROCK All Summer Long

14 21 2 IGLU & HARTLEY In This City

15 new JENNIFER HUDSON Spotlight

16 11 4 MILEY CYRUS See You Again

17 10 5 BIFFY CLYRO Mountains

18 18 3 FLOBOTS Handlebars




21 20 3 STEVE MAC Paddy's Revenge

22 24 2 BASSHUNTER Angel In The Night

23 37 2 MIA Paper Planes

24 15 4 7 THE VERVE Love Is Noise

25 17 14 COLDPLAY Viva La Vida

26 27 20 NE-YO Closer

27 19 10 NOAH & THE WHALE Five Years On

28 22 5 ALPHABEAT Boyfriend

29 28 3 DUFFY Stepping Stone

30 31 6 TAIO CRUZ She's Like A Star


31 29 2 FLO RIDA & WILL I AM In The Ayer

32 32 17 CHRIS BROWN Forever

33 new JAY-Z, KANYE WEST & LIL WAYNE Swagga Like Us

34 re-entry 1 TAKE THAT Rule The World

35 34 15 MADONNA Give It To Me

36 25 6 KEANE Spiralling

37 new STREETS Everything Is Borrowed

38 36 26 SAM SPARRO Black & Gold

39 new CHRIS BROWN, T-PAIN & NELLY Kiss Kiss

40 new FALL OUT BOY I Don't Care

She's A Winner
Esther won a pair of tickets to see Glasvegas at their sold out Cardiff Barfly out show on Monday. This week Glasvegas (pictured below) were just pipped to a number one debut album by heavyweights Metallica. Commiserations to Emyr who's also pictured above. Emyr has been big Glasvegas fan for ages, sorry you missed out this time Em. I hope the previous prize-winning guest invites to see ForwardRussia & The Research are of some comfort

click here for

Hope you had a good week ... we managed to get a copy of Cliff Richard's new single. Cliff's become an under the counter, only at Woolworth's affair. The only thing missing is the brown paper bag to avoid embarrassement. Now that is alternative!

America's Hot 100

This Week ... Last Week ... Artist ... Title

1 2 PINK So What

2 1 T.I. Whatever You Like

3 2 RHIANNA Disturbia

4 5 MIA Paper Planes

5 - JAY-Z & T.I. with KANYE WEST & LIL WAYNE Swagga Like Us

6 4 CHRIS BROWN Forever

7 8 NE-YO Closer

8 - T-PAIN & LIL WAYNE Can't Believe It

9 - ESTELLE & KANYE WEST American Boy

10 - LIL WAYNE & T-PAIN Got Money

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