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Mike's Mad4these w/c 22 Dec 08
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artist

1 - RED LIGHT COMPANY Arts & Crafts new single 2 March
2 1 MICHAEL FRANTI & SPEARHEAD Hey World (Don't Give Up) new single from the 'All Rebel Rockers' album
3 6 LADY GAGA & COLBY ODONIS Just Dance new single 5 January
5 7 FIFTY PHANTOMS Last Night new single 26 January
5 2 FILTHY DUKES Messages / What Happens Next from the 'Nonsense In The Dark' album 16 Feb 09
6 - GOLD TEETH Everybody new single 23 February
7 3 FRANZ FERDINAND Ulyses new single 19 January
8 4 PRODIGY Invaders Must Die new single 24 November
9 5 CAGE THE ELEPHANT Back Against The Wall new single 26 January
10 - LILY ALLEN The Fear new single 26 January
11 9 KEVIN RUDOLPH & LIL WAYNE Let It Rock Cahill Remix new single 29 December
12 10 NOISETTES Wild Young Hearts new single29 December
12 11 ALL AMERICAN REJECTS Real World from the 'When The World Comes Down' album due Feb 09

ohell anagram Welcome to the internet home for Mike TreVelyan and Mad4it - a weekly and sometimes mobile club night. We like to raise the roof with the biggest indie & alternative hits ever and take in some mainstream & some unusual requests - click here for a recent setlist. Here's Cardiff Barfly's upcoming Friday live line-up :- live music returns on Friday 16th January with The Red Stripe Music Award 2009 night and on Friday 23rd January The Huw Stevens Introducing Tour arrives with Sky Larkin + Pulled Apart By Horses

this week's post ...

Amy Studt
Nice Boys
new single
Yay what a comeback, Amy is 21 now. She hit the big time aged 15 when I was at Red Dragon in 02/03 where we frequently playlisted her three big hit singles -
interesting to note her debut album sold 200,000. It seems this early success rather than make her a bling headed monstrosity she was rather un-nerved by it all, walked away from stardom to 'get a grip' and re-located to a coffee shop in Cornwall. Slowly her desire to write songs returned, she felt she needed to test them as an unknown in order to overcome 'terrible stage fright'. So if you saw Razorlight live and you remember a support called Jane Wails you'll be somewhat surprised to learn Jane Wails is Amy Studt. 'Nice Boys' is a fine comeback, it's the concept of the song, "it always takes a bad boy to get a girls heart beating faster" is the normal fayre, it's a little less clear what Amy's line is but "nice boys" should feel honoured to get a mention! Managed by former Spice Girls mentor Simon Fuller it's hard to see Amy missing out a second time. Strong hit maybe

Filthy Dukes
DJ Mix
promo only
Filthy Dukes are a quality remixing squad who really get to the knub of the groove and maximise it so their hour-long funky electro mix cd of fave tunes is well received here.

Ida Maria
Oh My God
Remixes new single 26 January
Manhattan Clique contribute their considerable talents here with a super 126bpm remix. Ida has struck gold with top twenty hit 'I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked' which audiences enjoy singing along with and it's fair to say teasing eachother with. 'Oh My God' is a fine tune but probably set for life in the
shade of it's predecessor. Hit potential

Don't Stop
new single 9 February
IPS have played the toilet circuit for much of 2008 honeing their act and fine tuning their material. These guys provide a top notch blend of indie/electro beats, a thumping sound with a very strong vocal. With a little luck and some profile TV it could be that 'Don't Stop' will become their first Top 40 hit. Deserves a hit

Voluntary Butler Scheme
new single
Well, intriguing name ... Voluntary Butler Scheme ... VBS ... hmmm .. a fine record, a choppy 3mins 18secs, old style 60s pastiche a la Maisonettes 'Heartache Avenue' but with edgy lyric - excellent production


Great Stuff ...

JFK puts us in the picture with his 1963 warning of 'Corporatism'

Dubya Trouble ya
As 2009 looms we can all look forward to the 'new era of wealth' promised by our great leader. Just where such utopia will come from is rather harder to
imagine, anyway ring out the old, ring in the new - the sooner the better

As Rory Bremner pointed out, the President elect is "one letter away from being a fully fledged international terrorist". So we enter this new era with Barack Obama as leader of the free world and our unelected Prime Minister Mr Brown as our political masters it seems an apt time to once again to reflect on earlier worldly woes.

In 1971 an American DJ, Tom Clay had a quite amazing idea of joining to classic songs together and adding 'political' audio to create a tapestry of sound which although nearly seven minutes long is quite thought provokingly addictive. Clay combined Jackie's De Shannon's 'What The World Needs Now Is Love' with Dick Holler's 'Abraham, Martin & John' adding audio from JFK, Martin Luthor King, Robert Kennedy and the voice of an innocent young child blissfully unaware of "bigotry" and "prejudice". Some may think it sugary, not me. The subject matter is deeply disturbing, set against syrypy vocals and strings it is both poinant and thought provoking and so sad.

The climax to this unique record features the voice of Edward Kennedy in excerpt's from his June 1968 eulogy to his second assasinated brother Bobby, his voice breaking with emotion "My brother saw wrong and tried to right it, saw suffering and tried to heal it, saw war and tried to stop it". Click to view it on YouTube here. Forty years on, another Kennedy, Robert Kennedy Junior is gravely concerned in an '07 address on 'Corporatism' here

Interesting that the record's creator Tom Clay was well known for his dubious business deals. He readily admitted taking bribes to play records and at the height of Beatlemania he launched a Beatle Bonus Club whereby listeners were invited to join by sending Clay $1. When Clay had received 85,000 applications he quit and lived the life of luxury, for a short time anyway.

Shameless man but a great record

Hear the Attic show again with Tom Clay's masterpiece along with Michael Franti & many more hand picked classics In The Attic on Radio 2xs from 10.15pm Sunday 4th January 2009

New year cometh
We're just getting ready for our New Year's party at Ten Feet Tall, we'll be going with the flow for six hours of the greatest party and alternative hits ever so if you've yet to decide and you're quick - we can promise a unique night for a tenner ... Roll on 2009

new cd's
our weekly a to z of new cd review's is listed below

this week
Amy Studt
Filthy Dukes
Ida Maria
InnerPartySystem Voluntary Butler Scheme

15 Dec
Fall Out Boy LP

8 Dec
The Answer 22/2
Cage The Elephant 26/1
Fifty Phantoms 26/1
Franz Ferdinand Singles
Gold Teeth
Kaiser Chiefs & Calvin Harris
Kid Crudi Vs Crookers 12/1
Lady Gaga & Colby Odonis 5/1
Lily Allen 26/1
Little Comets
Madcon Jan/09
Metro Station
Noisettes 29/12
Opera House Remixes
Prodigy 26/11
Red Light Company
Snow Patrol Remix 15/12
View 2/2/09

1 Dec
All American Rejects
White Lies

24 Nov
FilthyDukes 16/2
Franz Ferdinand 19/1
Kevin Rudolph 29/12
Kid British 19/1
Killers LP 17/11
King Blues
The Sea sampler
Tommy Sparks 3/10
Wombats 15/12

17 Nov
Bye Bye Johnny 8/12
Flobots 1/12
Fratellis 22/12
Kaiser Chiefs
Katy Perry LP
Kinkane 24/11
White Lights 21/12
Wiley 1/12
The Wireless 1/12

10 Nov
Boys Like Girls
Katy Perry Remixes 24/11
Snow Patrol 15/12

3 Nov
Clinic 24/11
Geo Da Silva
John Legend
Katy Perry LP
La Roux 15/12
Ladyhawke 8/12
Metallica 15/12
Nick Harrison 24/11
Shortwave Set
Snow Patrol

27 Oct
Barefoot Confessor
Razorlight 3/11

20 Oct
Filthy Dukes 3/11
Kanye West
Keane Remixes
Nick Harrison 24/11

13 Oct
Gloria Cycles
Josephine Oniyama 17/11
Kid British
Lucien Caine 27/10
Opera House 10/11
Red Light Company
Thomas Tantrum
The Verve

This week's Top 40 ...

Top 40 Sun 21 Dec 08

Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah ... 1, 2, 36 - Alexandra 'X-Factor' Burke, the late Jeff Buckley and Leonard Cohen finally put Cohen's 1983 song to the profile it deserves ....

Beyonce has three tunes in, 'If I Were A Boy' is heading upwards again to 4 while 'Listen' storms in at 8 and America's number one the superb 'Single Ladies' climbs to 20...

Girls Aloud have two trax in, 'The Promise' loiters at 19 while 'The Loving Kind' enters at 38 ...

Pre-Christmas exit's for festive faves from Slade & Shaky while Status Quo's new single 'It's Christmas Time' also takes an early curtain call

6 new entries and 1 re-entry 8 up, 25 down, no non-movers

This Week ... Last Week ... Weeks In ... Artist ... Title

1 new ALEXANDRA Hallelujah

2 30 2 JEFF BUCKLEY Hallelujah


4 9 7 BEYONCE If I Were A Boy

5 new GERALDINE Once Upon A Christmas Song


7 2 11 KINGS OF LEON Use Somebody

8 new BEYONCE Listen

9 5 4 TAKE THAT Greatest Day

10 4 7 BRITNEY SPEARS Womanizer

11 7 6 KILLERS Human

12 13 3 POGUES & KIRSTIE MacCOLL Fairytale Of New York

13 3 2 BANDAGED (Wogan & Jones) Little Drummer Boy

14 8 10 KATY PERRY Hot N Cold


16 11 7 ALESHA DIXON The Boy Does Nothing

17 12 4 MARIAH CAREY All I Want For Christmas Is You

18 6 8 AKON Right Now (Na Na Na)

19 20 9 GIRLS ALOUD The Promise

20 24 3 BEYONCE Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

21 15 15 KINGS OF LEON Sex On Fire

22 29 2 GABRIELLA CILME Warm This Winter

23 10 7 T.I. & RIHANNA Live Your Life

24 17 9 GURU JOSH PROJECT Infinity 2008


26 23 13 PINK So What

27 26 3 WHAM Last Christmas

28 19 3 WILEY & DANIEL MERRIWETHER Cash In My Pocket

29 21 8 PUSSYCAT DOLLS I Hate This Part

30 22 2 BOYZONE Better

31 28 7 THE SCRIPT Breakeven

32 new BASSHUNTER I Miss You

33 31 2 WIZZARD I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday

34 25 5 N-DUBZ Papa Can You Hear Me

35 38 2 BASSHUNTER Jingle Bass

36 new LEONARD COHEN Hallelujah

37 re-entry 5 DUFFY Rain On Your Parade

38 new GIRLS ALOUD The Loving Kind

39 37 2 NE-YO Mad

40 27 13 KANYE WEST Love Lockdown

America's Hot 100

This Week ... Last Week ... Artist ... Title

1 2 BEYONCE Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

2 1 T.I. & RIHANNA Live Your Life



5 5 T.I. Whatever You Like

6 10 BRITNEY SPEARS Womanizer

7 - KANYE WEST Heartless

8 7 KATY PERRY Hot N Cold

9 6 BEYONCE If I Were A Boy

10 8 KANYE WEST Love Lockdow