Another brilliant single from Pendulum

Mike's Mad4these w/c 14 Jul 08
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artist

1 1 PENDULUM The Other Side new single 28 July
2 2 CHARLI XCX Francheskaar new single 18 August
3 4 THE GALVATRONS When We Were Kids new single 21 July
4 5 IDA MARIA I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked new single 21 July
5 - LIKE A FOX A Little new single 11 August
6 - SKEPTA Rolex Sweep new single 4 August
7 12 FRATELLIS Look Out Sunshine new single 18 August
8 - CUT COPY Hearts On Fire new single 4 August
9 - THE WORLD INDIE EMPIRE Crush My Smile demo on myspace
10 3 PRIMAL SCREAM Can't Go Back new single 14 July
11 - JIM NOIR Don't You Worry new single 28 July
12 - JUGGANOTE 7/7 from 'The Hold Up'' EP
12 7 ANNIE My Love Is Better from the 'Don't Stop' album due 6 October
12 10 DAS POP Underground new single 28 July

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this week's post ...

Sharleen Spiteri
new album 14 July
Lucky Sharleen made a load of dosh from originating and selling on the radio station Beat 106 in Scotland, I guess that's afforded a long holiday. It's easy to forget that right from their first hit 'I Don't Want A Lover' in 89 Texas and Sharleen Spiteri paid tribute to the great 60s soul and R&B muted now by Duffy and Winehouse. On this new album Sharleen continues with the now contemporary theme, All The Times I Cried in the Top 40 and this album very much in that mould with the delightful opener 'It was You' setting the mood. Great

Soft Cell
The Heat The Remixes
new album 1 September
A superb collection, and at 132bpm slower than the original mix the Dakeyne Remix of Tainted Love is a floorfiller with maximum bass, sounding particularly good on this 1981 electro anthem. The whole set is very useful

Daddy's Gone
new single 25 August
There's something about Glasvegas, their last single 'Geraldine' cracked the top twenty and this has an uneasy edginess, 'Daddy's Gone'. Very topical and deserves big success

Humans Being
new album 14 July
A fine opening "Did you pay all your tax... " well ENRON didn't - 'NME' "you should get protection from me". Hey this band is superb, a very strong image - a
Devo'd cross between prodigy and Pendulum sems apt. I hope they haven't missed the boat they have a real quality to them and should be up there with The Klaxons. A great collection packed with edgy chunky electro beat

Black Kids
Look At Me (When I Rock Witchoo)
form the 'Partie Traumatic' album
A great track to remind us how fab Black kids are, and it works a treat. At a fully energetic 4 mins and with plenty of shared vocals this would make a fine follow-up to 'Hurricane Jane'

new single
Esser's Transgressive Records debut is a bit of a rumble "oh you got me in a headlock, nothing in the world's gonna help me now ... " A fine mid tempo electro piece which could make some big in-roads for him. Good tune

Cut Off Your Hands
new single 18 August
A fine 170 bpm single, which could well see chart action

Wild Beasts
The Devil's Crayon
new single
Wild Beasts have something different to offer and if there be any justice, they'll be on their way soon. The Devil's Crayon is a fine single, somewhat reminiscent of Godley & Creme and 10cc in it's artistic unusualness

The Cure
Freak Show
new single 13 July
Well up to The Cure's usual quality but the timing of this marketing ploy to hit the charts each month seems to have backfired. It's probably more to do the way
the singles charts are compiled now but it also throws into question future ploys like this and Elvis and Jacko's. Nevertheless 'Freakshow' and it's brothers and sisters should create enough interest to give the new Cure album a good send off





































new cd's
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this week
Black Kids
Cut Off Your Hands

Glasvegas 25/8

Johnny Flynn
Primal Scream Remix
Sharleen Spiteri LP 14/7
Soft Cell Remixes

The Virgins
Wild Beasts

7 Jul

30 Jun
Annie LP 6/10
Big Linda 11/8
Das Pop remixes 28/7
Days LP sampler
Forever The Sickest Kids 14/7
G.Love & Special Sauce 4/8
Jack Johnson 28/7
Jim Noir 28/7
Like A Fox 11/8
Madcon LP 18/8
Madonna remixes 7/7
Mason Jennings 18/8
MGMTvJustice 23/6
Pendulum 28/7
Prego 4/8
Primal Scream 14/7
Skepta 15/9

23 Jun
Basshunter LP 14/7
Black Kids LP 7/7
Cage The Elephant LP 23/6
Charlie XCX 18/8
Cut Copy 4/8
Das Pop 28/7
Death Cab For Cutie 21/7
Ida Maria 21/7
Kid Rock 7/7
Marvin LP 28/7

Raid 21/7
Rifles 21/7
Sam Sparro 21/7
Santogold 28/7

16 Jun
Annie Mixtape
Annie Remix 7/7
Cage The Elephant Wicked Devil Remix 16/6
Flobots 4/8
Hadouken 7/7
Jack McManus 14/7
The King Blues 4/8
Yoav 28/7

9 Jun
Bob Sinclair 7/7
Def Leppard 14/7
Dirty Pretty Things 23/6
Fratellis LP
Gavin Rossdale LP
Johnny Foreigner LP
Ladyhawke Remix 30/6
Madonna 7/7
Marvin 21/7
Ting Tings 28/7

2 Jun
CSS 12/7
DJQ/MC Bonez 7/7
Estelle 30/6
Leon Jean Marie 23/6
Madcon 1/8
Melee 14/7
Noah & The Whale 21/7
Primal Scream 14/7
Royal Treatment Plant 30/6
Rushes 14/7

Secret Handshake LP
Weezer LP 13/6

26 May
Annie 7/7
Amy Winehouse Frank
The Cure 13/5
The Feeling 7/7
Johnny Flynn LP 26/5
Kid Sister Remix 23/6
Ladyhawke 30/6
Lykke Li LP 9/6
Spiritualized LP 26/5

19 May
Bumblebeez LP
DORP sampler
Elliot Minor 23/6
Inner City Pirates
One Night Only 7/7
Rosie Oddie & Odd Squad 2/6
The Thirst 14/77

12 May
Andy Burrows LP 26/5
Ben McGarvey 9/6
Cage The Elephant 16/6
Delays LP 5/5
Goldblade 2/6
Kid Sister 23/6
Metros vs Toddla T
Nouvelles 9/6
Pendulum LP 5/5
Santogold (Switch Remix)
Schizo Fun Addict 9/6
Underclass 16/6

5 May
Def Leppard LP 5/5
Duke Spirit 9/6

Elbow 2/6
Feist 26/5
Gavin Rossdale LP sampler 9/6
Guillemots 26/5
Ida Maria LP sampler
Jan Watkins Band demo
One Republic 2/6
Portishead 28/4
Presets 9/6
Rogue Wave 26/5
Rooney 14/4
Sonny J 9/6
Sons & Daughters 19/5
The Sugars 9/6
We Smoke Fags 18/6