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Choice new music - w/c 18 Apr 11
1 1 ARCTIC MONKEYS Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair new single 30 May 2011

2 4 DRUMSOUND & BASSLINE SMITH Freak new single 18 April 2011
3 - PAPER AEROPLANES My First Love new single 18 April 2011

4 2 MILES KANE Rearrange new single

5 3 SMITH WESTERNS Weekend new single 2 May 2011
6 5 ALL THE YOUNG The First Time new single

7 - IAN BROWN, ALEX METRIC & STEVE ANGELLO Open Your Eyes new single 8 May 2011
8 - CAGE THE ELEPHANT Around My Head new single 17 May 2011

9 - TWIN ATLANTIC Free new single 25 April 2011

10 8 YASMIN Finish Line new single 8 May 2011
10 9 EXAMPLE Changed The Way You Kissed Me new single 25 May 2011

10 - DEPECHE MODE Personal Jesus 2011 new single 30 May

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new EP
There's a possibility The Alpines may go bigger than The Horrors, with the female edge there's perhaps a little more pop potential... fine tracks tooo!
Here are more tracks from Alpines’ recently released debut ‘Drive EP’, including a fantastic Skream remix of ‘Drive’ and a nice minimalist reworking of ‘Ice &
Arrows’ by Dark Sky. Those who have heard Alpines, a duo from South West London, write excitedly, struggling to make comparisons with familiar names from electronica and the avant garde - Cocteau Twins, Massive Attack, Burial, Portishead - but the truth is that the music is unfamiliar. The duo are currently working on their debut album with producer Craig Silvey (Portishead, Arcade Fire, The Horrors) which will be released later in the year.

Big Problem

"You leave salt in the water...." Tricky intro... whistley type sounds then bang... some catchy hooks, a strong vocal performance should win some valuavble airplay, increase awareness and with a bit of luck... Hit maybe
ANR is a two-piece band from Miami Beach, Mr Brian Robertson and Mr Michael John Hancock. Each member enjoys Giorgio Moroder, Phoenix, Prince, Liars and Funkadelic equally. 'Big Problem' is the first single taken from their forthcoming album 'Stay Kids', which is out in May 2011.
ANR is a two-piece band from Miami Beach, Mr Brian Robertson and Mr Michael John Hancock. Each member enjoys Giorgio Moroder, Phoenix, Prince, Liars and Funkadelic equally. In 2010, the duo hunkered down and recorded the Stay Kids album. Influenced heavily by the events of the year, particularly those near to their coastal dwellings, the post-apocalyptic pop record is by far the bands strongest effort to date. The sonic influence of childhood heroes Brian Wilson, Prince, and Keith Emerson as well as the music of the psychedelic warriors of today are very evident therein and continue to inspire the band as they work on new releases and remixes in 2011. Stay Kids is a big fun ride through about ten million style; a ride without any bumps, spilled drinks or ruffled feathers and damn: if each each song isn’t an effortlessly spun pop classic. 60s psych, 70s soft rock , 80s glitter, a teaspoon of cosmic funk, starbound guitars all blend together with ease and, well, just brilliant song-writing. And the key thing here is it just zips by and begs you to play it again and again and again.
Stay Kids was a Rough Trade Album Of The Week on import last month and import 7” copies of Big Problem sold out in a week. A brief UK trip at Xmas brought slots with The Concretes, Porcelain Raft and MNDR; radio sessions with John Kennedy and Steve Lamacq along with plays from Rob DaBank and Huw Stephens.
Onstage, the pair add a rawer dimension to their songs, pummeling through sets with a louder, more virtuosic style than one might expect from simply listening to the records, revealing their love of American punk rock and the British and German progressive acts of the 1970‘s. Blazing out a Sonic Youth cover was how they ended the last show we saw.
Born out of gallery and warehouse parties, ANR has become THE most-likely-to band from the South Florida arts scene, and just finished dates with Yeasayer, MNDR, Washed Out and No Age.
They have just remixed Hercules & Love Affair, the Naked & Famous, Kele, Visions Of Trees, Million Young.
The group is also actively involved in the South Florida music and arts community, organizing shows and aiding the efforts of local peers with production, engineering and scoring a number of short film projects and video art.
“The same way TV on the Radio (of which ANR share some sonic similarities) came out and everyone was like, Whoa what is going on here?” FADER
“utterly awesome, how have I never heard of this before?” Sean Adams Drownedinsound
“Stay Kids is chock full of psychedelic pop gems” Neon Gold
“A marvel of melodic majesty, file next to Jamie Lidell, MGMT” THE GUARDIAN
“One of the newest exponents of this growing tropical bohemia” – NEW YORK TIMES
”Stay Kids? We ain’t twenty any more but we still wanna stay out all night” FLUOKIDS
“fully formed and totally enjoyable” PITCHFORK
“Winner tracks here to get the mouth wet for more … classic pop rock feeling here; hooks and all” BIG STEREO
”if it’s all the same to you, we’re just gonna declare these guys the shit and call it a day” RCRD LBL
"post apocalyptic Disney soundtrack music" NYLON
“One of the songs of the year ” TheLineOfBestFit
“laptop-laced mix of guitar rock, crunked party beats, Hot Chip but….soaring stadium rock” STEREOGUM
“wild and energetic disco whirlwind rock” PASTA PRIMAVERA

Cats Eyes
Face In The Crowd
new single 9 May 2011
Cat's Eyes have created an interesting mesh of 60s style Horrors spooky guitar and Human League lead vocal against a teasy femme fatale....
"You're not anyone at all... you're on you're way...". Nice sound - pop sensibilty? Probably peripheral, chart chance though.
Taken from the debut album 'Cat's Eyes' out now - 'Face In The Crowd' is the new single from Cat's Eyes with an impact date of 9th May. 'Face In The Crowd' is taken from their critically acclaimed eponymous debut album, out now.
Cat's Eyes are Rachel Zeffira, a Canadian multi-instrumentalist based in London, and Faris Badwan, the singer from British psychedelic-rockers The Horrors.
Brought together by a shared love of 60?s girl groups, Cat's Eye's make romantic pop masterpieces fit to dine at the same table as mid-?60s productions by Phil Spector, Joe Meek or Shadow Morton, but with a fiercely modern, experimental premise. The striking Cat?s Eyes artwork has been designed and photographed by Chris Cunningham, the celebrated video director, responsible for the scarifying promo for The Horrors? ?Sheena Is A Parasite?.
Cat's Eyes live:
April 25th Glasgow St Andrews
April 27th London Scala
?One of the first landmark releases of 2011? **** Mojo
?Ravishing?.. a miniature jewel of an album? **** Q
?Mightily seductive?.warm, out-there pop that is worth all the care and attention that has been invested in it? 8/10 NME
Best Album Of The Month 10/10 Vice
?Genuinely moving and haunting? **** The Guardian
?As an album, Cat?s Eyes is simply remarkable?
?Darkly Lush, neo-Lynchian love songs?. You hope this pair have only just begun? **** The Independent
?Cat?s Eyes have cannibalised pop?s past and come up with a sound that?s wonderfully weird and new? **** The Times
?Twisted, emotional soundscapes Phil Spector might have dreamed up? Daily Telegraph
?Cat?s Eyes is an impressive first outing full of sensuous dreamy atmosphere? Clash
?Lovelorn duets, dreamy sixties pop and spooky psychedelia conspire to make a welcome musical surprise? Shortlist

Chapel Club
new single 16 May 2011
Anthemic intro from one of my favourite new bands... Manchester's Chapel Club have created a Joy Division type atmos on 'Blind'... chiming haunting guitar pitched against a 'Vienna' like vocal. Great band.. hope this cuts through for them. Chart chance
London show – Shacklewell Arms, May 18th
“London’s Chapel Club offer a slightly poppier take on the Jesus and Mary Chain/My Bloody Valentine-patented noise pop, and are able to unleash beautiful swirling guitar blasts…” The Guardian
Chapel Club follow their acclaimed debut album ’Palace’ and sold out UK tour with a new single on May 16th. ‘Blind’ is taken from the LP and will be marked with
a free one-off show exclusively for Facebook fans on May 18th at the venue that started it all – Dalston’s hidden ‘acid rasta’ dancehall The Shacklewell Arms.
For a band that made their name playing off-the-wall venues – including warehouses and artists’ living rooms – it’s a fitting nod to what they call a ‘crazy, incredible, nightmarish, amazing’ first eighteen months.
The past year has seen the London-based five-piece rise from massive (and unexpected) media buzz at the end of 2009 to cement their place as one of the country’s most promising and surprising new acts. They’ve bagged accolades in NME (for ‘The Shore’ and ‘Widows’), released a series of diverse singles and finally released their debut album the feverishly anticipated ‘Palace’ earlier this year.
Along the way they’ve grown into a formidable live act capable of matching moments of stark emotional intimacy with blistering, high octane anthems – and they’ve continued to toy with expectations at every turn, whether by refusing to play the same old venues when they first emerged, giving away free demos and works in progress via their website (under the moniker Dark River Archive), posting startlingly honest apologias on their blog or releasing the game-changing ‘Wintering’ EP even before their debut record had hit the shops. It doesn’t amount to your typical career path, but then Chapel Club aren’t your typical band.
In the meantime, the critics are switched on to the forces at Chapel Club’s command. The grand sweep of the music and the boldness of Bowman’s lyrical reminiscences on ‘Palace’ drew much praise: Q said “There’s more to their explorations of love and longing than a relentless angst downpour”, while The Guardian were similarly hooked, stating that “Bowman’s razorblades-in-honey vocal is impossible to tire of, and the band’s My Bloody Valentine guitars shimmer and shudder in all the right places.” Shortlist was wowed when the album hit: “This is one the most assured debuts we’ve heard in a long while.” Chapel Club’s turbulent, tantalising chapter one was written.
With a whirlwind tour of the US (including several appearances at this year’s South by South West festival) recently completed, and the band currently playing to hundreds across Europe, ‘Blind’ marks the end of a hectic first half of 2011 for the band. By playing this intimate, intense show at Dalston’s Shacklewell Arms – the venue where they played their first ever gigs and unwittingly sparked an A&R scramble – the band want to say thank you to the fans who helped to make their first year so momentous.
The months beyond will see the band appear at various festivals in the UK and Europe, as well as playing three shows at the Brixton O2 Academy on May 19th/20th/21st as the special guests of Suede.
‘Blind’ is released on digital download on May16th and will be available as a limited 7” through Loog /Polydor. The Shacklewell Arms gig takes place on May 18th
and will be free entry for competition winners. Competition details available on the bands Facebook page,

Cosmo Jarvis
Sure As Hell Not Jesus
new EP 29 May 2011
'Gay Pirates' had so many singing I thought it would be massive so big disappointment there... and after 'Gay Pirates' whatever next... hmmm... "You're sure as hell not Jesus but you're saving me..."
I was ready to dislike this for gratuitous use of the J word but that aside this is another excellent pop record from Cosmo Jarvis. Three further sublimities included are the two and half minute orchestral-intro'd 'What's Wrong With Betty?', the topical anytime 'Road Closed' and the off-beat bassline driven 'Why Do Angels Make Me Cry?'. This guy is a top talent, I hope the boat doesn't move on without him.. great material in a pop fashion. Hit with luck.
Cosmo Jarvis will release a new EP, 'Sure As Hell Not Jesus', on 29 May; the title track being the second offering from his forthcoming album 'Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange'. As the follow-up to previous single 'Gay Pirates', it provides another intriguing taste of an eclectic yet direct second album.
The EP sees Cosmo examining a typically broad range of musical and lyrical themes. The lead track, 'Sure As Hell Not Jesus', describes how the thought of somebody can give you hope in times of anguish that a god never could, and will be accompanied by a typically provocative video, exploring the themes of shame and redemption from a papal perspective.
Elsewhere, the exhilarating 'What's Wrong with Betty (Part I)' is a first glimpse of the very special 10 minute opus which closes the album. The track, written about 'a waitress who has sex with customers for money after the restaurant is closed', will be released in three parts ahead of the record's release. Also included are the soulful and stripped back 'Road Closed' (depicting a person's battle with their principles), and the reggae-tinged 'Why Do Angels Make Me Cry?'; Cosmo's own take on the timeless song-about-a-girl. 'Her name was Charlie Parker, like the jazz musician!' he says, 'We went out and then due to reasons I gathered from others - mostly related to my hairy lower back - we stopped our relationship. We kissed once at Ivybridge train station back in the days when kissing was still a big deal, and it was cool.'
Cosmo Jarvis is an artist for whom one word will never really be enough. He's a singer, a songwriter, an actor, a director, a composer, a producer and a multi-instrumentalist. Born in New Jersey but raised largely in Devon, his heroes are as varied as the work he produces: John Lennon, Robin Williams, Frank Zappa, Maximus Decimus Meridius, The Crash Test Dummies and Elliot Smith (to name but a few). Cosmo is simply an extraordinarily talented twenty-one year old.When Brian Eno is singing your praises "he is a very interesting example to me of a new kind of person; a new kind of artist" - you must be doing something right.
Cosmo released his self-titled debut album aged nineteen, having dropped out of school at sixteen. If 'Cosmo Jarvis' fizzed with ideas and an array of sounds, there is a greater degree of focus on its follow-up, 'Is The World Strange Or Am I Strange?' First single 'Gay Pirates' was a poignant yet rousing story of two men whose forbidden love sees them forced to walk the plank. Cosmo wrote it because, though he's straight, he thought it would be funny to write a song for rowdy lads to sing along to with an openly gay agenda. Others seemed to agree, as the song became something of a cult hit: over 300,000 Youtube views, it has been lauded by the likes of Stephen Fry, 6 Music, XFM and NME.
If releasing your second album in two years wasn�t enough to be getting on with, Cosmo Jarvis is also in the middle of shooting his first full-length feature film. He has already made over sixty five films, including 'Alley Way', which was screened at SXSW Film Festival. His latest, provisionally titled 'Naughty Room', has been shot in and around his home of Devon (occasionally in his grandma's flat, or her friend Bill's), and includes a series of local, first-time actors, largely improvising their lines. It has, by all accounts, been a labour of love. "The worst part was hearing Mr Spielberg was up on the Dartmoor, our local beauty spot, making 'War Horse' with a crew of fuckloads, rather than two Volkswagen golfs. Cosmo is currently shooting and editing the film as he goes quite literally as he goes: work is done in the back of the tour bus' and plans to submit it to festivals from there.
Cosmo Jarvis is, as Brian Eno suggested, that new kind of artist. His interests and ambitions appear never-ending, and his contradictions - observant yet naive, outspoken yet introspective - are a large part of his appeal. He knows that his music isn't especially easy to sell, but he doesn't seem to care. "I feel like I'm trying to mix this amazing light yellow paint, and I'm damned if I'm gonna let anyone come along with a strong red and drip it into my paint bucket and turn my music orange." Cosmo is, quite simply, just Cosmo.
Cosmo Jarvis is playing the following live dates:
1 May - LEEDS Live at Leeds Festival
13 May - DERBY Bearded Theory festival
Cosmo is also doing a House Party tour, playing at fans houses:
April 28th - Brecon
April 29th - Cornwall
May 6th - Modbury
May 14th - Devon
May 20th - Tilbury
May 21st - Dagenham
May 22nd - Braintree

Depeche Mode
Personal Jesus 2011 Remixes
new single 30 May 2011
Probably Depeche Mode's biggest single success 22 years on, a crossover smash, a real crow-pleaser, even soon to be movie star Marilyn Mansun had a go... It's a great song and this set of four remixes surely will top forty... my fave's a toss between Alex Metric and Stargate... I think Stargate just has it... although M.A.N. and Sie Medway-Smith are fab additions also. HIT!
Depeche Mode are to release a single package from their forthcoming album “Remixes 2: 81-11” featuring all-new remixes of their iconic track ‘Personal Jesus’ on May 30th on Mute. Originally featured on the classic 1990 album ‘Violator‘, ‘Personal Jesus’ has been reworked by some of the dance world’s most innovative acts, including Stargate, Eric Prydz and Alex Metric. Already covered by Johnny Cash, Marilyn Manson, Tori Amos and Nina Hagen, ‘Personal Jesus’ is one of music’s most renowned tracks.
Quotes from the remixers;
Eric Prydz: “Depeche Mode was the one band that first got me in to making music as a kid. So when Mute contacted me and asked if I wanted to remix Personal Jesus ( and Never Let Me Down Again) I nearly fell off my chair. My Personal Jesus Remix is very straightforward and in your face. I wanted to make something that would work in almost any DJ’s set. From John Digweed to David Guetta and all in between.”
Tor Hermansen, Stargate: “To remix any Depeche Mode-song is a great honor - to remix Personal Jesus is like being knighted. When Rihanna told me she's a Depeche Mode fan, I had to tell her "I was a DM-fan before you were born, girl."
Alex Metric: “It was an honour and a privilege to be able to get my hands on a classic record like Personal Jesus. I hope I did it some justice with my new version. I can clearly remember the first time I heard Depeche Mode as a teenager, and they made quite an impression on me, so to be able to work with the band in some way has been amazing.”
Sie Medway-Smith: “Remixing Personal Jesus had an added element - the fear factor! How to approach such an iconic piece of music, when the original is such a perfectly executed classic. It took me three attempts to finally feel happy with what I did here. I hope I have done it justice, it was amazing to hear the raw stems in isolation on the desk”.
On June 6th, Depeche Mode release ‘Remixes 2: 81-11’ on Mute. An inspiring collection of new and classic mixes of material covering their entire career, the album includes remixes of tracks from their 1981 debut ‘Speak And Spell’, through to 2009's ‘Sounds Of The Universe’, and is the follow-up to 2004's million-plus selling ‘Remixes 81-04’.
Track listing:
1. Alex Metric Remix
2. Stargate Remix
3. M.A.N. Remix
4. Sie Medway-Smith Remix

Stop & Stare
new single 18 April 2011
A cool track... not sure it's strong enough to cut through the swathe but maybe it is. Good record displays top talent.. hit maybe...
Fenech Soler are postponing their upcoming UK tour until Autumn. Lead singer Ben Duffy has been diagnosed with early stage testicular cancer and is embarking on a short course of chemotherapy. The band have been advised to reschedule their forthcoming UK dates. "We are really sorry to postpone these shows. The diagnosis has been a big shock for all of us but on the positive side it has been caught very early and the recovery rate for this type of cancer is extremely high. I will be continuing to write and work with the band during my treatment and the others will continue to fulfill all DJ engagements. Everyone is very upbeat that I will be fighting fit again in a couple of months. We just want to ask our fans to bear with us while I have treatment and recover. I can't wait to get back on stage and continue with what has been an amazing last year for us" said Ben.
Proceeds from the band's new single ‘Stop and Stare’, out 18th April, will go to Teenage Cancer Trust.
"We want to do something positive with this situation and we can do that by giving money to Teenage Cancer Trust and helping to create awareness about the amazing work they do." said band guitarist, Ross. Simon Davies, Teenage Cancer Trust CEO adds: “Everyone at Teenage Cancer Trust wishes Ben all the best over the coming months. We are extremely grateful for the band’s support at this difficult time and look forward to seeing them on the festival circuit later this year.” In recent months the band’s upward trajectory has continued exponentially with their London Koko and Manchester Academy shows selling out, singles 'Lies' and 'Demons' being playlisted by Radio 1, nominations for best new band at the Q Awards and for XFM’s best debut album of 2010 and tastemakers such as Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Greg James and Groove Armada all declaring themselves as big fans.
The band are set to storm this summer’s festival stages with confirmed slots at Lovebox, Parklife, Camp Bestival, Evolution and Oxegen with more big festival announcements to follow shortly. The UK tour will be rescheduled in the Autumn with more details to be announced next week.
Track listing:
1. Album Version
2. Gemini Remix
3. James Yuille Remix
4. Planet Of Sound Remix
5. Manhattan Clique Remix
6. Bastille Remix

J Magik & Wickaman with Dee Freer
In Pieces
new single
Top song and nine top mixes.. this is a superb record with a great femme driven hook.. top quality as you'd expect from Ministry Of Sound. Top Twenty?? Hope so!!
In Pieces, J.Majik & Wickaman’s newest tune is looking set to be a big one for spring 2011! Already dubbed Zane Lowes Hottest Record In The World, along with spins from Annie Mac, Mistajam and Annie Nightingale within a few days! The remix package is now ready to roll with J.Majik & Wickaman doing what they do best offering up their own D&B VIP Mix, a heavy Dubstep mix from rising dubstep stars Secret Lemons, a more summery slice of garage from man of the moment Mike Delinquent and a BIG piano laden, old skool anthem of a remix from Rack N Ruin!!
Track listing:
1. Radio Edit
2. D&B VIP Mix
3. Rack N Ruin Remix
4. Rack N Ruin Dub
5. Secret Lemon Project Remix
6. House Mix
7. The Mike Delinquent Project Edit
8. The Mike Delinquent Project Remix
9. Original - Instrumental

Lady GaGa
new single 15 April 2011
It's going to be Number One isn't it... the girl knows no respect... here she is cross-referencing the biblical with the communist sense errr conjugal sense and turning it into a lovesong for one of the bibles disgraced... devil worshippers will love it! As a pop song manufacturer our Steph has promptly become fine-art. To be able to turn a biblical name of such enduring significance into a near four minute melodic brain charmer is a breath-taking accomplishment in itself... to then have bimbettes the length of the world singing along... just when we thought no-one could equal Madge, Kylie and Britney we all went GaGa. Yeh Number One

new single 25 April 2011
I'm not sure about this song... not sure it has the appeal of Malikman's new tune 'So In Pieces'... quite what the difference between Guilt and In Pieces is I'm not sure... perhaps it's better to be in pieces than to feel guilty... who knows. Anyway's it's a bit ploddy and the lyric is a bit downbeat... so I think they may struggle with this. Nice though...
Nero, the remixers du jour and now one of the biggest names in both dubstep and drum and bass, are set to release ‘Guilt’ on April 25th - the follow up to global smash ‘Me and You’. ‘Me and You’ charted at number 15 and was the most played record on Radio 1 for three weeks in a row. BBC Radio 1 presenter Zane Lowe crowned ‘Me and You’ his ‘Hottest Record in the World’ while Fearne Cotton and Greg James had it as their ‘Record Of The Week’ and Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw their ‘Weekend Anthem’. Nero featured on the BBC's Sound of 2011 music poll and various other influential tips for 2011 lists. ‘Guilt’ is the third single from Nero’s forthcoming debut album out on Chase and Status’ label MTA due for release summer 2011. ‘Guilt’ expertly mixes low basslines, catchy synths and euphoric vocals – this is Dubstep set for the big time. Zane Lowe continues his support, hailing ‘Guilt’ his ‘Hottest Record in the World’.

I'm The Fool
new single 18 April 2011
Well this like a modern Fun Boy 3 / Banarama, quite good fun, lil bit o Jafaican, Brit-gal pop, a Voice Of The Beehive type beat... Nice with luck these three teens of orient are not... just sweet 14, 16 & 17 years old... 47 years in total... may hit big.
Meet the effervescent new British trio SoundGirl- Izzy B (16), Olivia (17) and Little Nikki (14), three girls who'll put the sass back into British girlpop as they unleash a barrage of future hits on a largely unsuspecting British public. SoundGirl unleash their debut single I�m The Fool, out through Mercury Records, on 18th April. Despite only forming last spring SoundGirl have already rocketed backwards and forwards between London and LA, recording an entire album with some of the best writers and producers in the business, and performed to tens of thousands of future fans while touring with Pixie Lott. This month, they support the world�s biggest popstar Justin Bieber on a selection of his UK tour dates. 'I'm The Fool' is an undulating ska-tinged future classic that features a special guest spot from London-based rapper Twizzle. Its unique sound is a fantastic statement of intent from the SoundGirl trio - on first listen it demands a double take then, gradually, it gets inside your head, handcuffs itself to your brain and throws away the key. The song was co-written by the band with Miranda Cooper, the former Xenomania songwriter responsible for some of this century's other great pop hits for the likes of Girls Aloud, Kylie and Sugababes.
Izzy B, Olivia and Little Nikki shot the stunning video while they were recording in LA, their three personalities bursting from every frame. Check it out at
Their debut album, yet to be titled, will follow in the Autumn and their second single Don�t Know Why will be released on 27th June.

Tom Vek
A Chore
new single 18 April 2011
Weird, our Tom should be in the front line.. but somehow whereas r&b has gone pop, indie rock has veered into the realms of the obscure non-pop sensible...
Vek could command a chunk of the dancefloor with his early successes and I hope he picks up where he left off. Somehow Paulo the Nutini has created an indie pop masterpiece in 'Pencil Full Of Lead' - fans love dancing to that beat, even the non converts and the lyrics are divine... to top it all you can't get bored with it - it's just two minutes in length. Tom Vek should I feel be kind of up that street. Hit possibility.
Five years on from his debut album, Tom Vek is back. Following much speculation, Tom Vek’s brand new single A Chore was premiered on 18th April by Radio 1’s Zane Lowe and is available to buy immediately as a digital download. The single precedes the release of Tom Vek’s highly anticipated second album. Titled Leisure Seizure, the twelve track album will be released on 6th June 2011 on Island Records, available on CD, LP and download. Tom Vek will also mark the release of Leisure Seizure with a five date UK headline tour, including a London show at Heaven.

Young Rebel Set
Lion's Mouth
new single 22 May 2011
Good strong crashing guitar intro "bullets and handed me a gun... I said goodbye to my lover as I walked out the door...." A great new story song, it's like the wild west... what's going on? Folk rock and now a quasi Western storyline set to Indie... bizarre and so bizarre it should do well... quite a turn up, very nice "When I walked through the door and caugfht you naked on the floor... so I put you through the Lion's Mouth." Nice
“Life-affirming graft rock” NME
“A rousing patchwork of gritty urban folk” Word
“YRS are here to put the integrity back into an increasingly vapid musical landscape” The Fly
Following the release of three limited edition singles and their ‘Won’t Get Up Again’ EP, Young Rebel Set have announced their new single ‘Lion’s Mouth’ and details of their eagerly anticipated debut album, due in June 2011 on Big Flame Records.
The opening track of Young Rebel Set’s forthcoming debut album ‘Curse Our Love’, ‘Lion’s Mouth’ will be released as a digital download through Big Flame on May 22nd. ‘Lion’s Mouth’ is one of the album’s stand out tracks and looks set to become another live favourite, the forlorn lyrics are offset by rolling guitars and the rallying chorus: “So I jumped into the Lion’s Mouth / Just to see what life was really all about it” makes for a powerful impact.
Having released their debut single ‘If I Was’ in August 2009, ‘Curse Our Love’ will be the result of three years hard graft. Three years of schlepping across the country in the back of a van. Three years of missing home. Three years of relationships gone belly up because of the band. Three years of non-stop writing, playing, recording, gigging. Three years of packing crates, plastering ceilings, clocking in and working any job you can just to keep the band going. Three years of an unshakable belief that this record is worth sacrificing everything for.
Young Rebel Set have also announced a full UK headline tour starting next month including a headline show at The Lexington, London. Over the last 18 months, the band has steadily built a loyal fan base across the UK and Europe. Currently playing to sold out venues across Germany, they have become an exceptionally tight, tour de force live.
Band: Matty Chipchase, Andy Parmley, Chris Parmley, Mark Evans, Paddy Jordan, Luke Evans, Dave Coombe

Young Rival
The Ocean
new single
"Yeah well it's a nice surprise when you look me in the eyes..." "that's how it goes my dear".... This is 70s lingo... what were Young Rival listening to when they composed this. I think this is a hit song but... the mix and arrangement make it's plonky. In fact this reminds of a 70s singer by the name of Hurricane Smith... nothing like it i know ... but the then former Beatles engineer Smith did a swing thing 'Oh Babe What Would You Say' and there's a similar romantic airy feel to his delivery.... and then there's the 'Storm In A Teacup' type rhythm... it is refreshing, it may get lost in the crowd... The Junior Boys Own Mix is aeven more stuttery... and I don't think it works. 'Another Nobody' shows a little more leg and talent.
I think this is a good song and needs a rolling arrangement rather than the choppy drum track. Anyways, a pleasant surprise.

Young The Giant
My Body
new single 16 May 2011
From Irvine, California the new Orson.... with a Killers like 'All The Things That I've Ever Done' type rumbling intro "Stop the train is riding down to the station where you live when we were school kids..... My body tells me no, but I won't quit cause I don't know..." Catchy lyric "When I was a cool kid..." Yes this stands out a bit, a certain variety in the delivery, a Nirvana type light and shade approach and this should be Top 40 so move over you grimey goons. Top
Young The Giant will make their UK TV debut on Later With Jools Holland on May 3rd. The Irvine, CA, band, who have thus far released just one, limited edition UK single via Young And Lost Club, have been confirmed to join artists including Adele for the live broadcast and recorded show, before heading out on their first UK tour. Young The Giant’s single My Body, out here on May 16th, is already Top 5 at Modern and Alternative Radio formats in the US and has topped the Hype Machine chart on multiple occasions, while the band were highlighted as one of the key acts of SxSW by Rolling Stone, Spin and Time Magazine and recently completed their first, sold-out US headline tour. The band’s appearance on Later..., will be the first chance for UK fans to see the band in action. And, with early radio support from the likes of Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens and Fearne Cotton (Radio 1) and Dermot O’Leary, Radcliffe & Maconie and Jo Whiley (Radio 2), and across NME Radio and XFM, it’s clear that we will be seeing a lot more from this fantastic quintet this summer.
Following their Later appearance, Young The Giant play UK dates as follows:
Weds 4th MAY LONDON, Borderline
Thurs 5th LEEDS, Cockpit
Fri 6th MANCHESTER, Ruby Lounge
Sat 7th NOTTINGHAM, Stealth
Sun 8th GLASGOW, Captains Rest
Tues 10th BRISTOL, Cooler
Thurs 12th BRIGHTON, The Great Escape @ Queen’s Hotel
About Young The Giant...
Hailing from Irvine, California, the members of Young The Giant present a set of musical ideas as diverse and varied as their ethnic backgrounds. Friends since school days, and with Indian, Persian, British and French-Canadian heritage behind them, the band members share a sophisticated musical sensibility. Following opening slots for the Whigs and Kings of Leon at Chicago's House of Blues and a pit stop at South by Southwest last year, they signed with Roadrunner in the US. SInce signing, they have recorded their eponymous debut album with producer Joe Chiccarelli (White Stripes, Raconteurs, My Morning Jacket) at Sunset Sound in LA and Electric Lady in NYC and toured the US, embarking on their first headline dates as well as shows with Cold War Kids.
Check out the ‘My Body’ video here:
Young The Giant are Sameer Gadhia (vocals), Jacob Tilley (guitar), Eric Cannata (guitar/vocals), Payam Doostzadeh (bass) and Francois Comtois (drums/vocals)

Get Away
new single 18 April 2011
Spunky little tunette.. like v much... v nice... hit I hope.
With their self-titled debut, released on February 21, London four piece Yuck are handily proving that they are more than living up to the buzz that accumulated over 2010. They have garnered acclaim both here and in the US (with the likes of Pitchfork, Rolling Stone and New York Times being big supporters as well as NME, Guardian Film and Music and Uncut over here) and sold out shows on both sides of the pond (they are just about to set off on a tour with Tame Impala, and are set to play their debut shows at SXSW this month), all the while continuing to win new audiences over with their singular brand of effortlessly infectious, gorgeously insouciant indie rock. Now comes their new single, and one of the most anthemic songs off their album yet, 'Get Away', released in April, a heady mixture of wildly careening guitars, crunching drums and one of the most euphoric choruses in recent memory, with Daniel Blumberg singing, quite aptly, 'I just can't get this feeling off my mind'. This is Yuck in a nutshell 'at once nonchalant, addictive and quite simply beautiful' a 3 minute dose of pop perfection in one instant hit. The band are currently on the road through Europe, but, as previously stated, will be heading to SXSW shortly to play some of the most covetable showcases at the festival. They will then embark on their very own headline tour through the US and Canada right through April, before heading back to the UK for their biggest tour yet through May, ending up in Barcelona for the Primavera Festival.
Get Away
Doctors In My Bed
14 � The Great Escape, Brighton
15 � Millennium Music Hall, Cardiff
16 � Thekla, Bristol
18 � Scala, London
19 � Sound City, Liverpool
20 � Cockpit, Leeds
21 � Stag and Dagger, Glasgow
22 � Friends of Mine Festival, Cheshire
24 � Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
26 � Joiners, Southampton
28 � Primavera, Barcelona, Spain
Watch the video for 'Get Away' here:

This week's Goss ...

UK Top 40 Sun 17 Apr 11
LMFAO... aka Laughing My F**king Arse Off are No.1... they've had a hard journey to the top... formed in 2006, Redfoo & SkyBlu the son and grandson of Tamla Motown founder Berry Gordy... some kinda f**king caste system

At last a big rock success... Foo Fighters 'Wasting Light' storms to the top of the Album Chart deposing Adele's '21' after she held top spot for 11 weeks. Adele returns to the top of America's Billboard Top 200 Albums while Katy Perry & ET Kanye West stays top song.

Arctic Monkeys top new song 'Don't Sit Down Cause I've Moved Your Chair' pulls in at 28 on the back of Record Store Day sales... full release on Monday 30 May while their new album 'Suck It & See' is out on Monday 6 June 2011.

Rihanna's 'S&M' Remix featuring Britney moves the song back into the top ten while Femme Fatale Britney re-enters so to speak with 'Til The World Ends' at 26.

Amy Winehouse kin Dionne Bromfield is in at 36 with the help of Diggy Simmons.. while Ke$ha's 'Blow' lands at 32.

4 new & 1 re-entry – 9 up, 24 down, 2 non-movers Top Ten… 8 USA … 1 UK … 1 Barbados

This Week ... Last Wk ... Wks In ... Artist ... Title ... Origin

1 2 4 LMFAO Party Rock Anthem USA

2 1 3 J LO & PITBULL On The Floor USA


4 9 5 SNOOP DOGG & DAVID GUETTA Sweat USA & France

5 4 6 BLACK EYED PEAS Just Can't Get Enough USA

6 3 11 ADELE Someone Like You UK

7 12 11 RIHANNA S&M (Come On) Barbados


9 6 5 MANN & 50 CENT Buzzin' USA

10 7 5 NICOLE SCHERZINGER Don't Hold Your Breath USA


11 8 6 WIZ KALIFAH Black & Yellow USA

12 10 11 JESSIE J & B.o.B. Price Tag UK

13 17 4 CEE LO GREEN WIZ KALIFAH Bright Lights,Bigger City USA

14 new 1 LADY GAGA Judas USA

15 15 5 KANYE WEST DRAKE & RIHANNA All Of The Lights USA

16 16 13 ADELE Rollin' In The Deep UK

17 14 10 LADY GAGA Born This Way USA

18 21 14 BRUNO MARS Grenade USA

19 11 3 KATIE B Broken Record UK

20 13 11 Dr DRE I Need A Doctor USA


21 19 14 CHRIS BROWN Year 3x USA

22 27 6 BIRDY Skinny Love USA

23 18 5 THE WANTED Gold Forever UK

24 32 2 NICKI MINAJ Girls Fall Like Dominoes USA

25 22 8 TIESTO v DIPLO C'mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise) USA & Holland

26 re-entry 2 BRITNEY SPEARS Til The World Ends USA

27 25 15 MARTIN SOLVEIG & DRAGONETTE Hello France & Canada

28 new 1 ARCTIC MONKEYS Don't Sit Down UK

29 28 20 DAVID GUETTA & RIHANNA Who's That Chick France & Barbados

30 23 8 ALEXIS JORDAN Good Girl USA


31 26 10 CHIPMUNK & CHRIS BROWN Champion UK & USA

32 new 1 KE$HA Blow 120 USA

33 24 12 NOAH & THE WHALE L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. UK

34 29 12 P!NK Perfect USA

35 30 21 JESSIE J Do It Like A Dude UK


37 31 6 JEREMIH Down On Me USA


39 35 13 TAIO CRUZ, KYLIE & TRAVIE McCOY Higher UK, Australia & USA


America's Hot 100
This Week ... Last Week ... Weeks In ... Artist ... Title
2 2 13 RIHANNA S & M
3 3 8 BLACK EYED PEAS Just Can't Get Enough

4 4 33 CEE LO GREEN Forget You
5 5 9 LADY GAGA Born This Way

6 7 22 JEREMIH & 50 CENT Down On Me


8 13 6 BRITNEY SPEARS Til The World Ends


10 10 14 ADELE Rolling In The Deep

America's Albums
This Week ... Last Week ... Weeks In ... Artist ... Title
1 3 21 ADELE 21
2 1 2 BRITNEY SPEARS Femme Fatale
3 6 2 RADIOHEAD The King Of limbs
4 new 1 HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD American Tragedy
5 2 2 WIZ KHALIFA Rolling Papers
7 5 3 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs For Japan
8 11 55 MUMFORD & SONS Sigh No More
9 - ASKING ALEXANDRIA Reckless & Relentless
10 9 3 KIRK FRANKLIN Hello Fear

Top 20 Cleansed
Posted Friday 15th April 2011 - Source
Just how bad a state is the UK music industry in?
We're not supposed to notice, comment or question the evidence in front of our eyes but this week's Top 20 features no white British males, not one... and in fact in total only one white male - Frenchman David Guetta.
It is possible to chronologically analyse events and deduce that much damage to the main block of the UK's traditional music scene has been done by our previous Labour government.
Quite deliberately and in order to elevate their multi-culture agenda.
The process began as soon as they assumed power in 1997 by ridiculing and belittling the traditional - the most visual traditional time-tested BBC logo was mysteriously scrapped in late 1997 - to most an unnecessary exercise - an unnecessary cost - the new brooms had arrived and their secret psychological guerilla war on us plebs had begun.
In retrospect it seems the Brit pop bands like Oasis were invited to meet the then new PM Tony Blair in Downing Street not just to be to be flaunted but also to be consumed. Unbeknown to anyone at the time - Brit Pop and Cool Cymru etc were on the menu - tools to be used as Agents Of Change.
The sick process of 'de-rocking' us was accelerated in 2002 with the creation of BBC Radio One Xtra.
Surely as secret a plan as the mass immigration policy David Cameron referred to yesterday.
The Labour leadership's clandestine intent must always have been to use Radio One Xtra for a sideways injection of their new 'cool' into BBC Radio One - the main provider of 'Yoof Culture'.
And well, unless the new coalition government takes drastic action to prop up our 'boring' traditional indie and rock musicians by ensuring they are fairly represented with higher profile and airplay there can be little hope for many new British bands hoping to crack the big time.

If they're serious about this role model nonsense the Gov. & the BBC can make a start by applying the same conditions to Radio One, hey and Radio One Xtra (and pop radio generally) that saw Wayne Rooney disciplined and embarassed over his swearing recently.

Here We Vote Again
Posted Thursday 14th April 2011 - Source
Fresh in from the Labour Party that in thirteen years allowed an immigration invasion of near twice the entire 2.9 million population of Wales...

"Labour 'leader' Ed Miliband said ministers had to "get a grip" on immigration and stop fighting amongst themselves."

Ed Schmilliband who got the same Oxford University Degree in 'Philosophy, Politics & Economics' as PM David Cameron...

It seems we'll keep hearing the net figure number for the number of foreigners allowed British Citizenship since 1997... the net figure after the deduction of immigrints who returned and Brits who decided to leave the sinking ship is 2.2 million... the actual number who came here between 1997 and 2010 is 5.5 million... five and a half million people.

Wales current population is estimated to have risen by around 40% from 2.1 million in 2001 to around 2.9 million now - that's how much Labour love us.

Let's take Labour loving Doctor Who's Tardis back to 1997 and recollect Labour's Election Manifesto pledge... "Vote Labour and we'll deliver you 5 million new foreign friends, to your doorstep" (or 2.2 million whichever figure is more accurate)

Why don't they campaign on the same policy now "Vote Labour for another 2.2 million new friends - another Wales worth of newly arrived settlers in the next thirteen years - come on you know you want it, it's only an entire city the size of Birmingham - or if we can stuff another 5 million in - half the size of London... go on we can love 'em and they'll love us and they'll more than likely vote Labour...

Why don't they campaign on it again??? Oh yeh, they didn't did they?

They kept their mass immigration policy secret from us plebs, it was their elephant in the room, their enormous disgusting secret treason... that's why.

Want a role model
Posted Good Friday 22nd April 2011 - Source Daily Mail
Here's one, humble 64 year old electrician and former soldier Colin Atkinson, banned from displaying his Christianity by bosses who allow the 'discreet' Burka and hold Diversity Days. Colin suffered fifteen months of bullying but then within days of his Wakefield District Housing chiefs being exposed as enemies of ordinary hard working people everywhere they retreated from their attack on Christianity & Britishness.
It may have taken some guts for Colin Atkinson to stand up and say 'NO'.
Then again like many, he may have just reached the limit.
We've never felt so Christian.

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Alpines EP
Cat's Eyes
Chapel Club
Cosmo Jarvis
Depeche Mode
Feneche Solar
J Magik & Wickaman
Lady GaGa
Tom Vek
Young Rebel Set
22 /5 /11

Young Rival
Young The Giant

11 Apr
Alex Clare
Alex Gaudino & Kelly Rowland
Alex Metric, Steve Angelo & Ian Brown
The Bullits
Cage The Elephant
Death Cab For Cutie
Jamie Woon
Oh My!
The Overtones
Twin Atlantic
Vato Gonzalez & Foreign Beggars

4 Apr
All The Young
Arctic Monkeys
Drumsound & Bassline Smith
Miles Kane

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Airborne Toxic Event
All The Young
Dutch Uncles
Eddy Vedder
The Musgraves
Neon Trees
Noah & the Whale
PJ Harvey
Sum 41
TV On The Radio

21 Mar
Chase & Status
Go! Team
Japanese Voyeurs
Naked & Famous
PJ Harvey
Smith Westerns

14 Mar
Colour Music
Endless Dark
Funeral Party
Jon Fratelli
Lady GaGa
Lonely Island
Maverick Sabre
PJ Harvey


7 Mar
Cut Copy
Emma's Imagination
Gypsy & The Cat
The Heartbreaks
J Cole
Milk & Sugar
Morning Parade

28 Feb
Cage The Elephant
Clare Maguire
Katy Perry & Kanye West
Twin Atlantic
Wretch 32 & Example

21 Feb
Anna Calvi
Arcade Fire
Cat's Eyes
The Kills
White Lies
Voluntary Butler Scheme
4/4/11 Wretch 32 to be confirmed

14 Feb
The Agitator

Blacklight Pioneer


7 Feb
Kid Carpet
Lady Gaga
Miles Kane

Panic! At The Disco
The Vaccines
The View
Wretch 32 & Example

Wolf Gang