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Choice new music - w/c 14 Mar 11
1 - JON FRATELLI Santo Domingo new single 14 April 2011
2 - SMITH WESTERNS Weekend new single 2 May 2011

3 2 KATY PERRY & KANYE WEST ET MCH Radio Edit release to be confirmed
4 1 CAGE THE ELEPHANT Shake Me Down new single 13 March 2011
5 3 WHITE LIES Strangers new single 21 March 2011
6 9 YASMIN Finish Line new single 8 May 2011

7 5 WRETCH 32 & EXAMPLE Unorthodox new single
8 6 GYPSY & THE CAT Jona Vark new single
28 March 2011
9 7 J. COLE Who Dat new single
to be confirmed
10 8 MILK & SUGAR Hey Nah Neh Nah new single tbc

10 10 THE KILLS Satellite new single 28 March 2011

10 - GO! TEAM Apollo Throwdown new single 16 April 2011

This week's post ...

Colour Music
You For Leaving Me
new single
Well the edgy bass stomp hits one full in the face and in that moment it strikes me what's missing is a pop sensibility... it's like for five years or so indie guitar based genre has gone totally up it's backside, is it possibly because art school has taken over the construction of our indie pop stars.. I don't think mammoth airplay will turn this Colour Music track into a hit... it's not a bad track - it's just for most it will be irrelevant, and it seems to sum up the confused lack of direction and purpose 'white' indie/rock music finds itself in (it's the only way of accurately describing it I think) - don't want to be cheesy let's be arty farty as Lennon might have said. That may sound damning about this record but something is going wrong, take a look at the US & UK singles charts and there is a notable absence of anything sounding like this. Here's the PR...
Welcome to the beautifully strange world of Oklahoma’s Colourmusic. Lead by Ryan Hendrix, and rounded out by bassist Colin Fleishacker,drummer Nicholas Ley, and British guitarist Nick Turner, Colourmusic are shaping up to release their debut Memphis Industries album, “My _ is Pink” (the _ being pronounced “blank”), out April 4th. To celebrate the album’s release, and to give you a glimpse in to their world of monstrous R&B, acid-drenched pop, and Bladerunner-inspired psych they’ve decided to unleash one of the album standouts “You For Leaving Me” on the world. With its bone-juddering riffage allied to compelling agnostic gospel grooves “You For Leaving Me” bristles and burns with aggression and revenge. Colourmusic are set to hit the UK in May with their euphorically heavy live show, including appearances at the Dot-to-Dot and Stag and Dagger festivals.

Endless Dark
Cold, Hard December
new single 4 April 2011
From Iceland comes a band who sound like a Slipknotted Polarkreiss 18... a very strange blend... there seems to be more of a melody on the chorus attacked viciously by the gargling shrieking that defines some metal. Should win some Kerrang fans and moreso when this Icelandic six piece bring their show to the UK soon... Here's the pr...
With an average age of just twenty, this six-piece band have already caught the eye of those in the know from their blistering performance at last year's Iceland Airwaves festival and they've already been confirmed for THIS year's - and their unique combination of HUGE metallic riffs with actual TUNES (Oh, yes!) guarantees their name will be on everyone's lips in 2011. Snapped up by X-Ray Touring's Steve Strange, the band is already confirmed for a number of European festivals in 2011 and will be bringing their live show to the UK in the near future. In the mean time they release their debut single, COLD, HARD DECEMBER on April 4th. ENDLESS DARK have appeared from nowhere, all guns blazing, to prove that heavy, aggressive music CAN be combined with melody to appeal to everyone.

Fixers - Chad Valley Remix
Iron Deer Dream
new single
We're probably in our death rites as a society if we're singing "We're homicidal" as if it were "Boys and girls come out to play.."... then again The Jam's 'Funeral Pyre' was thirty years, however hopefully one would look twice at someone singing "You're homicidal"... surely sooner or later some twatty act will do what KLF did at the 1992 Brits with real ammo... a bit worrying really... nice mix though! Here's the PR...
‘Iron Deer Dream’ features chiming guitars, soaring melodies, four party harmonies and lush production that sees the track soar. Fixers are a band with their gaze firmly on the stars, looking beyond the usual musical confines, searching for something much bigger. They aim to make music in their own musical world, where creativity rules. The Chad Valley remix brings a wonderful, Balearic feel to the record with shimmering waves of synths setting the kaleidoscopic rays of the original in a new light. Based in Oxford like Fixers, Chad Valley has produced remixes for Penguin Prison and O Children, and has seen strong support from Huw Stephens at Radio 1, along with NME, The Guardian and Vice. ‘Iron Deer Dream’ highlights the Fixers’ incredible musicianship which blends with sonorous melodies to create music that is thoughtful and inventive. Influences are far and wide, such as the psychedelia of Brian Wilson and Bruce Haack, as well as the spaced out 80s dance sounds of Tom Tom Club, Arthur Russell and Dead Can Dance. Having been together for almost a year, Fixers have fast built a reputation through word of mouth and a handful of blistering live shows. Having just been tipped as one of NME”s top 10 bands to watch this year, as well as confirming radio sessions with Huw Stephens and Jo Whiley, it looks like 2011 could be their year.

Funeral Party - LA Dave Sitek Remix
NYC Moves To The Sound Of
new single 11 April 2011
Woo that is a dirty bass intro.... kinda morphs into a 150bpm slap track with edgy vocal... there's an urgency to 'NYC'... with some choice airplay, they should crack it soon. This track improves as it goes along and that's something in itself.

Fresh from the release of their inaugural album ‘The Golden Age Of Knowhere’ Funeral Party are pleased to announce the release of massive album opener ‘NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA’ on April 4th. Bursting into the charts Top 40 with the critically acclaimed debut, the East LA three-piece are currently on a sold out tour of the UK and are pleased to announce a full tour of the UK throughout May. The nucleus of the band, Chad, plus guitarist James Torres and bassist Kimo Kauhola, (they’re now a five-piece, with keyboardist Tim Madrid and a new drummer) were high school friends, who drifted into the Whittier backyard scene after leaving school. Basically, with little money about, and with nowhere to spend it anyway, locals began having parties in their backyards, and bands naturally began to form to play them. That was a mere two years ago. Word spread fast about the band mainly due to the mania of their live shows, but also to the way they quickly transcended the hardcore and metal on the scene, and wrote catchy, dance songs which touched on influences like The Cure (their got their name from a song on ‘Faith’), At The Drive In, and even The Human League. The immediate result of the development of their “disco-punk” sound was that Lars Stalfors, engineer to the Mars Volta, asked them to record at their studio. A series of eye-catching gigs on both sides of the Atlantic followed, before the band bagged a crucial support slot with Julian Casablancas. Julian would tell the crowd “this band are the future”. Bringing us onto now and, due to phenomenal demand; their second tour of the UK. “We want to show people something new, and give audiences something that can remember,” Chad says.
The single ‘NYC Moves To The Sound Of LA’ will be released on April 11th through Jive Records.
Thursday 19th – Glasgow, Oran mor
Friday 20th – Edinburgh, Liquid Rooms
Saturday 21st – Liverpool, Sound City Festival
Sunday 22nd – Nottingham, Rescue Rooms
Tuesday 24th – London, Heaven
Thursday 26th – Brighton, Concorde 2
Friday 27th – Bournemouth, Old Fire Station
Saturday 28th – Cardiff, Millennium Centre
Monday 30th – Sheffield, Leadmill
Tuesday 31st – Wolverhampton, Slade Rooms
Wednesday 1st – Manchester, Club Academy

Jon Fratelli
Santo Domingo
new single 18 April 2011
Hope it's not the end of The Fratellis... not bad a bizarre chunky mix.. he's a rocker is Jon... after they gigged Barfly a few years back, Jon was still dancing when we closed at 3! Please Lord of Music make Fratelli Number One. Here's the pr...

* Jon Fratelli will release his first proper solo single ‘Santo Domingo’ on the Island label on April 18th. Taken from his forthcoming new album “Psycho Jukebox”, it is at once strangely familiar, lyrically obtuse and so catchy it’ll make your head swim. It follows the free download of ‘Rhythm Doesn’t Make You A Dancer’ which is available now from
* Jon Fratelli’s debut solo album is called Psycho Jukebox and like any jukebox worth its salt it’s chock full of the kind of solid gold easy action that makes you want to throw the windows wide to annoy the neighbours. Psycho Jukebox is brimful of melody, pop-psychedelia, classic ’60s-tinged pop, and characters whose lives are lived in a twilight world of ambition and failure, triumph and loss. Fans of The Fratellis will not be disappointed!

Lady GaGa
Born This Way - Mixes
new single 14 March 2011
1. LA Riots Remix, 2. Chew Fu Born To Fix Remix, 3. DJ White Shadow Remix
It's conceivable GaGa could have another slow burner number one here, going back up the top ten this week with more mixes on the way... and fresh. Within a couple of days of it's first appearance it was filling our floor... yeh Number One again!

Lonely Island & Akon
I Just Had Sex
new single
Sex has become like a handshake, unless of course you try it with someone who doesn't want to shake your hand... these guys are funny... they jizzed in everyone's pants and now they've hired Akon... smart move... I love the tarts in the videos... 30 million views assert that's the corrrect answer... is it a hit? Will people buy it?? Not sure

Maverick Sabre
Look What I've Done
new single 28 February 2011
EP 'The Lost Words' 7 March 2011
Not a bad set, like it, could follow the Prof to Hitsville UK...
It was the works of Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan and Aretha Franklin that inspired the early learning of the young Michael Stafford. But now, aged 20, under his moniker, Maverick Sabre, he is garnering acclaim for his wave of hip-hop inspired soulful folk vocals.
Having already won over a diverse fanbase, from the crowds at SXSW in Texas to the DJs at Jamaica's infamous Irie FM, where he performed an impromptu gig in the car park, stints on recent national tours with Plan B and Chase & Status tour haven't gone amiss either. He featured on Professor Green�s recent single Jungle and appears on the new Chase & Status album No More Idols.
On hitting his teenage years Maverick also found the confidence he'd previously been lacking and began performing on the Irish hip-hop scene. Through groups like Rap Ireland and Urban Intelligence, support slots ensued with The Game, Lloyd Banks, Lethal Bizzle and Plan B, an artist he can now call his friend.
Welcomed onto the capital�s hip-hop scene with the help of DJ Snuff (Speakers Corner) and a set at YoYo's, it was Plan B (on hearing Maverick sing) who suggested a move to London should be on the cards.
Maverick moved over to London and began living with an aunt where he then joined the dole queue for over a year. The singer, Plan B then opened his doors to Maverick and a flat mate he became. Plugging away on the acoustic circuit, having been encouraged to focus on his singing, it was at one such booking that he met his now-manager and together they started from scratch. Recent studio sessions with Chase & Status and Footsie have given Maverick a new take on his folk-like songs, reigniting his love for all things dark, wobbly and bassline related. Where his dream session's concerned, envisage 9th Wonder on production, Erykah Badu and Adele on vocals, with Mike Skinner as creative director. "Now what I've got to do for my album is capture that live element of what I do, but unite it with my love of dubstep and a soulful undertone. I don't want my album to get lost, I want it to be something that's picked up in years to come".
Tracks like the Virginia Tech Massacre inspired 'They Found Him A Gun' and 'Look What I Done', his forthcoming single about the perils man inflicts upon woman, while sonically different to his dubstep-inspired collaborations, equally showcase the voice that won't leave you alone long after the record�s finished.
Anyone looking for evidence need only check his mixtape, The Travelling Man, a 10-track strong free download for anyone with a penchant for the kind of folk tales you won't find in the average storybook. Pirate radio favourite 'Inside', featuring Footsie from Newham Generals (Dirtee Stank), further showcases Maverick's ability to switch from his guitar to a lyric slinging rave champion. Similarly, the Starkey produced heater 'Run To The Roof' has gained support from MistaJam, Zane Lowe, Annie Mac and Huw Stephens. Sealing his position as one to watch on the vocal scene, Maverick's feature on Professor Green's latest single 'Jungle', a dubstep monster produced by True Tiger, has become the sound ringing on mobile phones up and down the country.
"I feel comfortable as myself for the first time ever. I want to be that artist people come together for, connecting audiences and genres. And I want to show all young people especially young Irish people it doesn't matter where you're from, how small the place, or how little the opportunity, you can only be kept down by a small mentality."

PJ Harvey
The Words That Maketh Murder
new single 17January 2011
Polly seems obsessed with murder, if she weren't an artiste there may be a referral. Nice is not the word but you're either as obsessed as Pols or immune to this type of dark depressant. Cult / niche / narrow casting - not I would have thought going mainstream any time soon.
A new PJ Harvey single, The Words That Maketh Murder, will be released digitally by Island Records on 17th January 2011. It will be the first release from Harvey's forthcoming album Let England Shake, due out February.
Following the digital release on 17th January, The Words That Maketh Murder will be released on 7" vinyl on 7th February backed with an exclusive track The Guns Called Me Back Again, recorded during the Let England Shake album sessions.
Award-winning war photographer Seamus Murphy has produced a series of short films - containing reportage footage shot around England and performance footage of Harvey - for each song on the album. His film for The Last Living Rose is currently on
Let England Shake, scheduled for release on 14th February, is Harvey's eighth studio album. The record received a 5 star review in the current issue of Q magazine and Mojo writes 'of all her many guises this may be her most powerful more than ever, Polly Harvey was made for these times.'
In addition to a run of already sold-out shows planned for February, PJ Harvey has confirmed an appearance at the Portishead curated All Tomorrow's Parties event on July 23rd at Alexandra Palace in London. 2011 will also see a return to the festival circuit for Harvey.

new single
"Your status has changed, in a relationship, plain Helvetica, so walk away and let it go..." Mike Skinner is back and there comes a time when for some artists it wouldn't matter how brilliant their material is... thumbs down from the masses. The dead-pan delivery is still there with a female voacl made more important in a Tinchy/Tine type way. I'm not sure Streets will whisk into the pop radar on Stryder/tempah coat tails but he may do... this is well thought out for effect and could win a few new fans, probably unlikely though. The Death Of Marat Remix has a tasty intro.

new single
Sell out gig at Cardiff Uni and some well needed minor incursions into the top forty recently bode well for this rather different new Wombats tune. Big stringy atmos, slow built up, 'Anti-D'... "Please allow me to be your anti-depressant...." and here we are we've arrived in the land of real life romance, no romantic words here "semi decongestant"... well it's kind of witty I suppose... but when you compare the way R&B and Grime have improved the pop content of their
sound since So Solid with stronger songs, production - the next comparison would be between Wombats and Strokes... one can over-analyse these things but there's some bolocks missing somewhere "Last night, she said.." straight down the middle everyone sings along... and "Let's Dance To Joy Division" and "Kill The Director" do that to an extent but this 'Anti-D' is possibly too arty for Joe Oasis or Damon Blur to sing. Nevertheless this should easily go top forty for a week or two.

This week's Goss ...

UK Top 40Sun 13 Mar 11
So Brit School gals Adele and Jesse J take the top two slots for the fourth straight week, and Adele has now spent seven weeks at Number One on the UK Album Chart with '21' and this week goes to the top of America's Billboard 200 Album Chart. GaGa's No.1 song for a fourth week Stateside.

Former US chart-topper Wiz Kalifa's anthem to Pittsburgh is UK number five... black & yellow are Pitsburgh colours.. probably the US equivalent to Man Utd getting a Number One

Nice to see McFly doing so well.. in at 35 (lol)

Black Eyed Peas are back with 'Just Can't get Enough' at 27 and Glee Cast murder Train's superb 'Hey, Soul Sister' at 37.

8 new – 5 up, 20 down, 7 non-movers Top Ten… 6 USA … 4 UK … 1 Barbados

This Week ... Last Wk ... Wks In ... Artist ... Title ... Origin

1 1 6 ADELE Someone Like You UK

2 2 6 JESSIE J & B.o.B. Price Tag UK

3 3 6 RIHANNA S&M (Come On) Barbados

4 4 5 LADY GAGA Born This Way USA

5 new 1 WIZ KALIFAH Black & Yellow USA

6 8 9 CHRIS BROWN Year 3x USA



9 5 8 ADELE Rollin' In The Deep UK

10 9 9 BRUNO MARS Grenade USA


11 15 6 Dr DRE I Need A Doctor USA


13 10 16 JESSIE J Do It Like A Dude UK

14 13 3 DIPLO v TIESTO C'mon (Catch ‘Em By Surprise) USA & Holland

15 11 7 P!NK Perfect USA

16 25 7 AVRIL LAVIGNE What The Hell Canada

17 12 8 TAIO CRUZ, KYLIE & TRAVIE McCOY Higher UK, Australia & USA

18 14 15 DAVID GUETTA & RIHANNA Who's That Chick France & Bahamas

19 31 7 NOAH & THE WHALE L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N. UK

20 new 1 OLLY MURS Heart On My Sleeve UK


21 new 1 BRITNEY SPEARS Til The World Ends USA

22 20 8 DIDDY & DIRTY MONEY Coming Home USA

23 19 7 KE$HA We R Who We R USA

24 18 23 CEE LO GREEN Forget You USA

25 new 1 BIRDY Skinny Love USA

26 17 9 JLS & TINIE TEMPAH Eyes Wide Shut UK

27 new 1 BLACK EYED PEAS Just Can't Get Enough USA

28 21 6 ENRIQUE & PITBULL Tonight I'm Lovin' You Spain & USA

29 29 25 BRUNO MARS Just The Way You Are (Amazing) USA

30 23 10 MARTIN SOLVEIG & DRAGONETTE Hello France & Canada


31 30 4 TAKE THAT Kidz 125

32 26 17 RIHANNA & DRAKE What's My Name Barbados & Canada

33 27 25 ADELE Make You Feel My Love UK

34 32 19 RIHANNA Only Girl In The World Barbados

35 new 1 McFLY That's The Truth UK

36 37 21 KATY PERRY Firework USA

37 new 1 GLEE CAST Hey, Soul Sister USA

38 38 3 JUSTIN BIEBER Never Say Never USA

39 33 5 NICKI MINAJ & DRAKE Moment 4 Life USA & Canada

40 new 1 JEREMIH Down On Me USA

America's Hot 100
This Week ... Last Week ... Weeks In ... Artist ... Title
1 1 4 LADY GAGA Born This Way
2 2 28 CEE LO GREEN Forget You
3 5 8 RIHANNA S & M
4 4 10 P!NK F*ckin' Perfect
6 3 23 BRUNO MARS Grenade
7 11 7 KE$HA Blow
9 7 15 ENRIQUE IGLESIAS, LUDACRIS & DJ FRANK E Tonight (I'm Loving You)
10 6 20 KATY PERRY Firework

A dodgy Welsh victory over the Irish but we all enjoyed the paaarty!

Posted Sunday 13th March 2011 - Source -
Labour leaders will be ecstatic with the latest political landmine left to explode beneath the Tories... the inevitable response to greater Socialist, Communist and Plaid Cymru powers that Wales voted for last week comes from the only one of the twenty two Welsh counties to have voted No. As the BBC reports
"A political party which wants an English Parliament has called for a referendum on making the Welsh county of Monmouthshire part of England.
The English Democrats, at their spring conference in Middlesex, say they want the vote to settle the issue.
Monmouthshire was the only area in the recent referendum to reject direct law-making powers for the Welsh assembly.
The party says residents need the final say in an old debate. The assembly government has been asked to comment."

Following the 1979 rejection of devolution, eighteen years later Cardiff and Newport voted against a Welsh Assembly but the devolutionist gravy trainers won in 1997 by just 7,000 votes of the 2 million Welsh population... and for the majority the world has been turned on it's head.
If Wales had voted 'No' to the devolution and the creation of a new remote left wing elite in 1997, it is conceivable that common sense may have prevailed and the disaster that has befallen Cardiff and it' schools, roads, care and emergency services, policing, city centre and citizens ever since may have been avoided.
Cardiff has become like an occupied city.
God help us, God help them for they know not where they lead us.

Save which Arts?
Posted Monday 8th March 2011 - Source -
Eastenders??? A society with a healthy artistic life is supposedly highly desired, but after thirteen years of Labour chucking money at shit there can be no doubt that art has vacated the building and in it's place is a rampant propaganda designed to denude us of our common senses.
Whether it's Channel 4, S4C, CBeebies, CBBC, Radio One, Radio One Xtra, the cloned pop-stars of the state funded Brit School... the list goes on...
The deceitful pretend proclamation that cuts to the Arts budgets are unfair is nailed by the 'Culture, Media and Sport Committee's' assessment of the new Tory Chairman of the BBC Trust, former Governor of Hong Kong, Chris Patten... as the BBC today reports
"when asked when he had last watched EastEnders, Patten said: "I should think even longer ago than I last had a McDonald's."
Eastenders seems to have become a visionary programme, a vision of where we are being led... hell.
At first you we're asked to view it and react "Gosh how lovely, these arty types are tackling issues".. and then you notice there are certain issues they never go near... why? Because that would not be consistent with the political ideology of the show. It must be the same political ideology of who recruited they that run the show and they that have been recruited by the show to deliver us our 'social medicene'.
It is truly astonishing that with all that we're asked to believe about the wonderful Labour created state of our arts the 'Commons' Culture, Media and Sport Committee' should choose Eastenders as a measure of how fit one is fit to become a BBC Boss.
Lord Patten or anyone.
Axe Eastenders now I say.

If Eastenders has really become the pinnacle of British artistic endeavour in drama we are in a very sorry place... there are no redeeming healthy factors in that programme with it's unending depressing murderous and suicidal storylines, where no friends can be trusted, where there is no evidence of goodness in humanity.
According to the BBC article Doctor Who David Tennant has signed up protest the cuts, he who was party to the Russel T Davies liberation train that introduced Dr Who and our youngest generation to a multitude of sex situations - some may question whether there is a similarity between the broadcasting of such material to impressionable infants, and juniors and the grooming of such youngsters by paedophiles...

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4/4/11 Wretch 32 to be confirmed

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Katy Perry

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