Mike's Mad4these w/c 30 Jun 08
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1 2 PRIMAL SCREAM Can't Go Back new single 14 July
2 - CHARLI XCX Francheskaar new single 18 August
3 - KID ROCK All Summer Long new single 7 July
4 1 LADYHAWKE Paris Is Burning new single 30 June
5 - THE RAID On A Scale new single 21 July
6 10 JACK McMANUS You Think I Don't Care new single 14 July
7 - IDA MARIA I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked new single 21 July
8 - SANTOGOLD Lights Out David Rubato Remix new single 28 July
9 - SAM SPARRO 21st Century Life Accapella from single 21 Jul
10 4 INNERCITY PIRATES Cockney Sparra new single 7 July
11 3 ANNIE I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me new single 7 July
12 - DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE Cath new single 21 July
12 - DAS POP Underground new single 28 July
12 - CAGE THE ELEPHANT Free Love from the Cage The Elephant album

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11th July - Jugganote EP launch + Disgracelands
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this week's post ...

The Other Side
new single 28 July
Well Charli XCX was going to be my number one this week, until I heard the 137bpm radio mix of this - another excellent top quality tune from what is right now possibly the most exciting band on the planet

Like A Fox
A Little
new single 11 August
Wow this is a fab tune, from Philadelphia comes a rather different sound from Like A Fox, 'A Little' is a catchy well written well produced single, big potential!

Jim Noir
Don't You Worry
new single 28 July
I like this, Jim Noir's is back with more trademark psychadelic sixties for 2008, 'Don't You Worry' is the latest in a long line of tunes from Jim that could easily go Top 40

Rolex Sweep
new single 4 August
A little less frenzied than Wiley's chart stormer, and that probably makes it more accesible to alien ears. I'm just learning the dance now so I'm prepared, a massive hit!

Cause & Resolve
new single 4 August
NME buzz band, Lamaqc faves Prego debut here with 'Cause & Resolve' and it's an impressive first outing which bodes well for future releases. Hit potential

Don't Stop
new album 14 July
I like this, I think's the allure of Annie's rather cold personna. The vid for 'Girlfriend' is a turn on and 'My Love Is Better' is a little further up the skirt .. hmm nice (tracks 3-5 are a little less sexy, but all the same good fayre)

So Dark The Con Of Man
new album 21 July
Mad Conspiracy eh? I'm not sure how the pop trax like 'Beggin' will go with the more soulful heartfelt tunes like 'Dandylion' and 'Me & My Brother'. There's a sure sign of quality here, however I'm not sure that the feel of some of the trax let it down, a little tacky if you like almost two different acts. Nevertheless full of Norwegian promise

Big Linda
Jenny Don't
new single 11 August
I really like Big Linda, they've played our Mad4it night a couple of times and I was struck by their energy and professionalism. 'Jenny Don't' is another great track packed with energy and perfect design. I hope the band find some gimmick to hitch a ride into the charts with, they're great

Jack Johnson
Sleep Through The Static (Edit)
new single 28 July
By Curious George, that monkey's gone too heaven ... this is a fine single, for some reason the radio edits seem to appeal to me more on many occasions - this a reduction from 3'40 to 2'40 makes the song more compact and for me much more listenable. It's a good song, and hopefully many people will be joining Jack in going Green but hopefully not with envy. A No.1 album and hopefully a Top 20 single

G Love & Special Sauce
Peace, Love & Understanding
new single 4 August
See these G Love typesw supporting Jack Johnson on his UK tour. This is not a cover of the classic Nick Lowe song, but it is in the same spirit. I love that percussion sound, loosely reminiscent of the 'Sympathy For The Devil' intro. Strong vocals and a good tuneful sentiment - possible hit potential

Mason Jennings
Fighter Girl
new single 18 August
More Jack Johnson tour support here and a very strong accoustic guitar based vocal performance from singer songwriter Mason, great lyric, great production good record

Electric Feel Justice Remix
new single 23 June
MGMT have cracked a unique notch out for themselves, there is nothing really like them and 'Time To Pretend' seems to hit each demographic. 'Electric Feel' has been much requested and now as a single at 22 in the chart it's reaching a bigger audience. Combine them with the talents of Justice for a remix and you'd think bingo ... however with 'We Are Your Friends' and DANCE' still filling the floor I'm a little disappointed in the stoccato sound of this remix, in fact I prefer the MGMT original

Forever The Sickest Kids
She's A Lady
new single 14 July
Here's another band hot on the tails of Fall Out Boy and Panic At The Disco, these Kids could easily follow them into the top twenty, this is a powerful emo styled anthem. Hit Potential

Give It To Me Remixes
new single 7 July
How does she do it, she is a phenomenon - she is unique. The Janet's and Paula's have fallen away Madonna continues blazing a trail right out there on the edge somewhere pretty well every time. Give It To Me is an inspirational song, and the remix package is top notch, made for the dancefloor made for the subconscious ... eight bmixes to choose from here and ... Oakenfold gets my vote. Staggeringly brilliant!

The Days
The Days
new album 1 August
A good start, 'Jane' a little Kooks-ish then a big drum intro, choppy Mr Blue Sky/Hoosiers type feel for 'Notes' bimmin 'eck there's even the ELO Blue Sky guitar sound. Ello track 3 and it's Keane-ish 'Carry Me' - that's the piano line style isn't it? Less obvious is the Peter Bjorn & John drums on track 4 'Confessions' .... it's no bad thing to be immediately recogniseable as similar to quality hits ... however I'm not sure about this band, the songs are quite skilled but maybe too derivative. having said that maybe it's in their name - differnt bands for different Days ... maybe














new cd's
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this week
Annie LP 6/10
Big Linda 11/8

Das Pop remixes 28/7
Days LP sampler
Forever The Sickest Kids 14/7

G.Love & Special Sauce 4/8
Jack Johnson 28/7
Jim Noir 28/7
Like A Fox 11/8
Madcon LP 18/8
Madonna remixes 7/7
Mason Jennings 18/8

MGMTvJustice 23/6
Pendulum 28/7

Prego 4/8

Primal Scream 14/7
Skepta 15/9

23 Jun
Basshunter LP 14/7
Black Kids LP 7/7
Cage The Elephant LP 23/6
Charlie XCX 18/8
Cut Copy 4/8
Das Pop 28/7
Death Cab For Cutie 21/7
Ida Maria 21/7
Kid Rock 7/7
Marvin LP 28/7

Raid 21/7
Rifles 21/7
Sam Sparro 21/7
Santogold 28/7

16 Jun
Annie Mixtape
Annie Remix 7/7
Cage The Elephant Wicked Devil Remix 16/6
Flobots 4/8
Hadouken 7/7
Jack McManus 14/7
The King Blues 4/8
Yoav 28/7

9 Jun
Bob Sinclair 7/7
Def Leppard 14/7
Dirty Pretty Things 23/6
Fratellis LP
Gavin Rossdale LP
Johnny Foreigner LP
Ladyhawke Remix 30/6
Madonna 7/7
Marvin 21/7
Ting Tings 28/7

2 Jun
CSS 12/7
DJQ/MC Bonez 7/7
Estelle 30/6
Leon Jean Marie 23/6
Madcon 1/8
Melee 14/7
Noah & The Whale 21/7
Primal Scream 14/7
Royal Treatment Plant 30/6
Rushes 14/7

Secret Handshake LP
Weezer LP 13/6

26 May
Annie 7/7
Amy Winehouse Frank
The Cure 13/5
The Feeling 7/7
Johnny Flynn LP 26/5
Kid Sister Remix 23/6
Ladyhawke 30/6
Lykke Li LP 9/6
Spiritualized LP 26/5

19 May
Bumblebeez LP
DORP sampler
Elliot Minor 23/6
Inner City Pirates
One Night Only 7/7
Rosie Oddie & Odd Squad 2/6
The Thirst 14/77

12 May
Andy Burrows LP 26/5
Ben McGarvey 9/6
Cage The Elephant 16/6
Delays LP 5/5
Goldblade 2/6
Kid Sister 23/6
Metros vs Toddla T
Nouvelles 9/6
Pendulum LP 5/5
Santogold (Switch Remix)
Schizo Fun Addict 9/6
Underclass 16/6

5 May
Def Leppard LP 5/5
Duke Spirit 9/6

Elbow 2/6
Feist 26/5
Gavin Rossdale LP sampler 9/6
Guillemots 26/5
Ida Maria LP sampler
Jan Watkins Band demo
One Republic 2/6
Portishead 28/4
Presets 9/6
Rogue Wave 26/5
Rooney 14/4
Sonny J 9/6
Sons & Daughters 19/5
The Sugars 9/6
We Smoke Fags 18/6

28 Apr
Collapsing Cities
Johnny Foreigner 19 May
Fratellis 19 may
Ladytron 12 May
Look See Proof 26 May
Madonna Remixes
The Metros 2 Jun
Pendulum Remixes
Skeletons promo
Something In Construction LP
The Wireless 2 Jun

21 Apr
Def Leppard
Johnny Flynn
The Sea
Secret Handshake
Slaves To Gravity