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Hot Fuzz - the movie where the big city cop goes small town! Check the hilarious trailers here

Flava of the Week w/c 5 Mar 07
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artiste

1 1 FRATELLIS Solid Gold Easy Action from Hot Fuzz Soundtrack
2 2 RAPTURE Pieces Of The People We Love new single 2 April
3 4 THIRTEEN SENSES All The Love In Your Hands new single 26 March: new album 'Contact' 2 April
4 - ROBYN Konichiwa Bitches new single 26 March
5 3 THE ACADEMY IS We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands new single 2 April
6 - KINGS OF LEON On Call new single 2 April
7 - COBRA STARSHIP The Church Of Hot Addiction new single 2 April
8 - BLACK STONE CHERRY Rain Wizard new single 26 March
9 6 BRIGHT EYES Four Winds new single 2 April
10 12 BROMHEADS JACKET What If's & Maybe's new single 19 March
11 10 PANIC AT THE DISCO Build God, Then We'll Talk new single 26 March
12 8 STONE SOUR Sillyworld new single 12 March

Manics excellent new track 'Underdogs' - a free download single from 19 March Manic Street Preachers
Underdogs new single 19 March

'This one's for the freaks, for you are so beautiful ...' The Manics return with a new idea, a new single that's free on download. It's a great shame the 2'45" 147bpm 'Underdogs' will be ineligable for chart entry. It's a great title, a song brilliantly executed, not far off the perfect pop single. On tour throughout the coming months, pre-playing their forthcoming album 'Send Away The Tigers' XXXXx manics.co.uk/07
myspace.com/manics (Posted 12 Mar 07)
Dragons new single 12 March
Here Are The Roses

A powerful thudding electro 116bpm 'Roses' from Bristol based duo Anthony Tombling Jnr. & David Francolini ....
'Dragons is about archetypes; those dark, smouldering archetypes that lurk in the shadowy corners of all our hearts and minds. Their songs evoke a world in which the soul is elemental and its struggles, heroic. A music to accompany the internal as it tirelessly wrestles with the beast'. XXXX dragons.cc
myspace.com/dragons1 (Posted 12 Mar 07)
Just Jack
Glory Days new single 9 April

Young 'Wordsmith'Jack's follow-up to the number two hit 'Starz In their Eyes' is another choice cut from his album 'Overtones'. 'Glory Days' at 76bpm is a little more melancholic, a little more laid back, a thoughtful listen and well worthy of an equally high chart placing. Jack's on tour soon check his website's below for details. XXXX
myspace.com/justjackuk (Posted 12 Mar 07)
Gay Boy
Gay Boy new single 16 April

When you're in your local disco-theque and you hear a very familiar female vocalist singing of her charming friend 'Gay Boy' you'll probably be listening to this, more we cannot say ... mainly because we don't know. We're not allowed to, yet. It is quite funny. It's a line that can be sung to friend and foe alike
'he's a gay boy and it shows, but it's ok boy no one knows' ... hit potential? Well, nice legs shame about the boat race! XXX (Posted 12 Mar 07)
Shadows Fall
Redemption new single 9 April

'Hardcore aggression, metallic riffage and melody uplift' ... Shadows Fall received a Grammy nomination in 2004 for 'What Drives The Weak' ... 07's looking good with their new album 'Threads Of Life' due in April and the first single the 173bpm 'Redemption' with all the characteristic metal mayhem is a strong song and a great pop record and that's no insult. XXXX shadowsfall.com
myspace.com/shadowsfall (Posted 12 Mar 07)
The Hours new single 19 March
Love You More
A & M's big signings The Hours, Anthony Genn and Martin Slattery ... Anthony who produced Joe Strummer's solo album, Martin the talented pianist / jazz saxophonist ... '
Ali In The Jungle' set the tone, this is storming pop credibilty, and no wonder. these guys have a major Clash connection also Elastica and Pulp ... and the list goes on. 'Love You More than my record collection' is a great single. XXXX thehours.co.uk (Posted 12 Mar 07)
Shiny Toy Guns
You Are The One 140bpm
new single 9 April

There's a certain edginess to Shiny Toy Guns. 'Le Disko' is the blistering tune which made their name on myspace last year. Carah Faye, Jeremy Dawson and chums just played to a full house at Cardiff Barfly (see pics) and they're well worth the dosh. Lifted from the 'We Are The Pilots' album, 'You Are The One' features mixed vox & a powerful back track. Top forty?
XXXX shinytoyguns.com
myspace.com/shinytoyguns (Posted 12 Mar 07)
Nine Inch Nails
Survivalism new single 9 April

Alessandro Cortini, Josh Freese, Aaron North, Trent Reznor & Jeordie White - NIN's new album 'Year Zero' is due 16 April, a first taste comes in this brilliant industrial metal electro rock new single. A pounding 129bpm electro keyboard line thuds out with dark vocals by Trent Reznor & Saul Williams. From the title 'Year Zero' an air of forboding descends ... these L.A. guys mean business and this will be massive. XXXX
myspace.com/nin (Posted 12 Mar 07)
Trivium new single 9 April
The Rising

Possibly the biggest metal band in the world right now, the ecellent Trivium return with another slab of iron served chilled. 'The Rsiing' is another epic single which could land them in Top 40 trouble. well worthy. XXXX
myspace.com/trivium (Posted 25 Mar 07)

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The Envy Corps
Mark Ronson album sampler
Mr Hudson & The Library album

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Arcade Fire
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Jackson Analogue
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The Knife
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Just Jack
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Billy Talent
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Mr Hudson & The Library
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4 Dec
Gym Class Heroes