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Flava of the Week w/c 29 Jan 07
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artiste

1 1 STEPHEN MARLEY Mind Control from the forthcoming album
2 4 LEON JEAN MARIE Scratch new single 26 February
3 5 NEW YOUNG PONY CLUB The Bomb new single 5 March
4 6 BRAKES Cease & Desist new single 26 February
5 11 THE KNIFE Marble House new single 19 February
6 - NOISETTES Sista Rosetta new single 29 January
7 - THE ANOMALIES Howz That! download from Anomalies.co.uk
8 3 LONG BLONDES Giddy Stratospheres new single 5 February
9 10 JACKSON ANALOGUE Come On new single 12 March
10 - GOSSIP Standing In The Way Of Control new single 5 March
11 - CUTE IS WHAT WE AIM FOR Newport Living new single 5 February
12 - KUBICHEK Nightjoy new single 26 February

Matinee Club new single 5 March
Discotheque Francais

The Modern were stripped from a No.14 position for their excellent 'Industry' because of suspected chart fiddling -rife throughout the charts. 'Discotheque' was due to be the follow-up and bigger hit. Following the fiddling allegation The Modern were dropped. Well 'Disco' is a great pop song, a great single, five new mixes here by Hoxton Hores and Renegade MCH. They deserve Top Ten this time XXXx
myspace.com/matineeclub (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Stone Sour
Sillyworld new single 12 March

From Des Moines, Iowa, USA Stone Sour have come up with a fine single here. A subtle accoustic guitar whets your appetite for the song as Stone Sour deliver a quality rock fayre. 'Silly World', far more politically aware than the title may suggest, has large crossover potential
"So take those lyrics serious and sing your life away, carry on ...I can't take your silly world no more" this is a great record. 'XXXX stonesour.com
myspace.com/stonesour (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Arcade Fire new single 19 March
Keep The Car Running

A floorfiller already, the trademark sound of Arcade Fire returns with new album Neon Bible and a taster 7" single available from 19 March. 'Keep The Car Running' picks up where 'Neighbourhood Power Out' left off, the Top 40 beckons, and many are drooling in anticipation of new album 'The Neon Bible' out soon. XXXx

myspace.com/arcadefireofficial (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Mark Ronson limited release
Toxic / God Put A smile Upon Your Face

A superb slab of authentic 70's influenced funk. Not disimlar to Mark The 45 King's take on it. 'Toxic' is a low down dirty groove with smutty lyrics while 'God Put A Smile Upon Your Face' is another floor filling groove. Ronson's a man to watch, check his funky Radiohead below! XXXX
click here to see Ronson's version of Radiohead's 'Just' on YouTube (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Mastodon new single 12 March
Colony Of Birchmen

Atlanta, Georgia gives us the strutting, powerful rock of Mastodon. Third album 'Blood Mountain' is their debut on Warners and a powerful affair it is too. A great guitar solo to finish, there's an airy quality to this tune, airy usually means crossover potential, 'Colony Of Birchmen', ??? ... whatever that means could easily go UK Top 40. XXX
myspace.com/mastodon (Posted 5 Feb 07)
The Knife new single 19 February
Marble House

The Knife are curios', declining photo opportunities and shunning celebrity to concentrate on the thing they love most .. making music and imagery. 'Marble House' is bizarre, a great electro creation in six diferent mixes, in some ways atmospherically akin to Ultravox 'Vienna', a chilling atmos is created with lyrics which suggest the vocalist is in a morgue? Fascinating and well worthy. XXXX
myspace.com/theknife (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Thirteen Senses
Contact new album 5 March

An excellent return by Thirteen Senses. The first single 'All The Love In Your hands' due 26 February is a corker, check their myspace for 'Spirals' and title track 'Contact'. They seem to have worked their own U2 Joshua Tree airy quality, subtle riffing guitars and strong dreamy vocals. This is their best yet. XXXX

myspace.com/thirteensenses (Posted 5 Feb 07)
The Hoosiers new album 26 Feb
Worst Case Scenario

Influenced by 70's bands like ELO and Supertramp, soft cuffuffle 'Mr Blue Sky' style intro & a choppy 140bpm
'you got out the wrong side of bed and liked it, the only love you get is unrquited, morning Monday all week long's not healthy, being happy's only for the wealthy'. London three piece The Hoosiers make a fine debut here, occasional falsetto vox emphasize a catchy chorus that could catch on with workers everywhere. XXXx thehoosiers.co.uk
myspace.com/thehoosiers (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Madina Lake new single 12 March
House Of Cards

Madina Lake's debut album 'From Them,Through Us, To You' is produced by Mark Trombino (of Jimmy Eat World, Blink 182 fame). A cross beween Muse, Fall Out Boy, Lostprophets .. 'House Of Cards' has had several plays on Radio One's Rock Show, up and away. XXX

madinalake.com (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Within Temptation
What Have You Done
new single 5 March

Kerrang! and the Radio One Rock Show recognise an enormous talent here. Within Temptation's third album The Silent Force has sold nearly two million. Another superb composition here, 'What Have You Done' is the first single from fourth album 'The Heart Of Everything', duet vox from Keith Caputo from Life Of Agony say chart potential. XXXX
myspace.com/within-temptation (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Rumble Strips
Alarm Clock new album 5 March

Charlie Waller – Lead Vocals and Guitar, Tom Gorbutt – Sax, Vocals and Bass, Henry Clark – Trumpet, Vocals and Piano, Matthew Wheeler - Drums Authentic 60's style R&B horn section with an 07 twist, a band that's destined for the stars according to NME. This is pretty unique on the scene today and Rumble Strips come up with catchy melodies so maybe ... XXX

myspace.com/rumblestripsuk (Posted 5 Feb 07)
The Fray
How To Save A Life
new single 2 April
Denver four piece The Fray are one of the hottest new acts Stateside, not surprising with a song as different as 'How To Save A Life'. Great title, they've sold five million already through constant touring i-Tunes and word of mouth. Quality record from a quality act. XXXx
myspace.com/thefrayforum (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Simon Says new single March

South African's Piet & Kev, Frenchman Jack and Londoner Rob's medium paced electro rocker 'Simon Says' with three new excellent mixes - the 130bpm Rogue Element, the 124bpm Loose Cannons & the 127bpm Junior J. DORP have a pretty unique image somewhat remiscent of Devo, check their website and quite brilliant vid to 'Blow' below, so strong is their image surely they can't fail ... XXXX
dorp.co.uk myspace.com/dorp (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Union of Knives
Violence & Birdsong

A refreshing new take from Glaswegian band Union Of Knives who are signed to Relentless. 'Evil Has Never' is much requested and we're looking forward to their gig at Cardiff Barfly on Friday 16th February, the first of ten dates Bath, Bristol, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Nottingham, Aberdeen and Glasgow to follow. Good stuff XXXx

unionofknives.com (Posted 5 Feb 07)

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Actress Hands
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Robopop Vol 2
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Six Nation State
U2 & Green Day
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9 Oct
Black Ghosts
Goo Goo Dolls
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Long Blondes
Rumble Strips