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Hot Fuzz - the movie where the big city cop goes small town! Check the hilarious trailers here

Flava of the Week w/c 19 Feb 07
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artiste

1 - FRATELLIS Solid Gold Easy Action from Hot Fuzz Soundtrack
2 1 STONE SOUR Sillyworld new single 12 March
3 - RAZORLIGHT Back To The Start from Razorlight album
4 3 ARCADE FIRE Keep The Car Running new single 5 March
5 6 THIRTEEN SENSES All The Love In Your Hands new single 26 March: new album 'Contact' 2 April
6 4 MARC RONSON Pretty Green / Toxic from forthcoming album 'Version' due for release 21 May
7 8 THE HORRORS Gloves new single 26 February
8 2 LEON JEAN MARIE Scratch / Make It Right new single 26 Feb See Video
9 12 DEFTONES Mein new single 5 March
10 - PANIC AT THE DISCO Build God, Then We'll Talk new single 26 March
11 - CALVIN HARRIS Acceptable In The 80's download
12 5 MACCABEES About Your Dress new single 26 February

The Rapture
Pieces Of The People We Love new single 2 April

Focussed firmly on the indie dancefloor here comes The Rapture's third single and title track of 'Pieces Of the People We Love'. The entire album is an quality upbeat listen and 'Pieces' itself makes for a fine single .. chartbound ... are we marking these too highly .... XXXX
myspace.com/therapture (Posted 26 Feb 07)
Cobra Starship
The Church Of Hot Addiction new single 2 April

From NY, NY come Cobra Starship, the latest band to be unleashed from the FuelledByRamen label. Punchy, exciting, edgy and focussed at the same time. Ex-Midtown frontman Gabe Saporta, from Montevido, Uruguay and band release their debut album 'While The City Sleeps, We Rule The Streets' the same day. XXXX
myspace.com/cobrastarship (Posted 26 Feb 07)
The Academy Is
We've Got A Big Mess On Our Hands new single 2 April

TAI, another FuelledByRamen, and another superb single, look out for the limited edition square 7". Produced by Butch Walker of Hot Hot Heat/All American Rejects & Midtown fame and again from a new album released the same day. This is powerful stuff and the album 'Santi' promises much. XXXX
theacademyis.com (Posted 26 Feb 07)
Drive new single 16 April

Client have spent much of the past couple of years conceiving and producing the new album Heartland due on 30 April. This trio from electric ladyland have just played Cardiff Barfly and head next for Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris , Basel, Innsbruck, Glasgow and Sheffield. A ridiculously strong image, a fine single and a fine re-mix by Barfly's own Flyswatter DJ Rich Samuels .. it can't fail can it? XXXX
client-online.net (Posted 5 Feb 07)
Bromheads Jacket
What If's & Maybe's
new single 19 March

Monkeys mates from Sheffield who've already hooked up with Streets for a re-mix re-record and re-release their classic single from two years back. At just 1min 50secs this is edgy indie quality, it's great. XXXX
bromheadsjacket.com (Posted 26 Feb 07)
Brandon Steep
The Woodland Regiment new EP available now

Brandon Steep are trying something a little different here, a more thoughtful less frenzied approach than most. The melodic 'Louisiana' has picked up airplay - 'Hills & Trees', 'Woodland Regiment', 'Quintessential' and 'Hiding In The Undergrowth'. Their energetic live show compliments an interesting listen. XXXX
brandonsteep.co.uk (Posted 28 Feb 07)
Thirteen Senses
All The Love In Your Hands new single 26 March

Thirteen Senses make an excellent return with 'All The Love In Your Hands'. They seem to have worked their own U2 'Joshua Tree' airy quality, subtle riffing guitars and strong dreamy vocals. This is their best yet. Album 'Contact' is out on 2 April. XXXX
myspace.com/thirteensenses (Posted 26 Feb 07)
Archie Bronson Outfit
Dart For My Sweetheart new single 26 March

ABO won the breakthrough award at this year's South Bank Awards. The unique pounding quality throughout their second album 'Derdang Derdang' features on 'Dart', a superb single which should, if there be any justice go Top 40 second time around. Originally released and toured in 2006, click here to see their Cardiff Barfly Mad4it pics. XXXX
archiebronsonoutfit.com (Posted 26 Feb 07)
Six Nation State
Where Are You Now
new single 26 March

Southampton & Reading based Gerry, Rich, Neil, John and Alexei, as The Fly describes them -
'an Indie Wacky Races, a car-crash between an under-the-influence Zutons and harmonic-pop Futureheads, a smoking wreckage in the shape of SixNationState'. They're on tour throughout March & April promoting this jaunty little tune which may sell a few. XXX myspace.com/sixnationstatetheband
sixnationstate.co.uk (Posted 26 Feb 07)

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Archie Bronson Outfit
Brandon Steep
Bright Eyes
Bromheads Jacket
Cobra Starship
The Academy Is
Thirteen Senses

12 Feb
Angus & Julia Stone
Arcade Fire LP
Black Stone Cherry
Electric Spoon
Hot Fuzz Movie
New Young Pony Club
Panic At The Disco
Plan B
Sam Beaton

5 Feb
The Envy Corps
Mark Ronson album sampler
Mr Hudson & The Library album

29 Jan
Arcade Fire
The Fray
Madina Lake
Matinee Club
Rumble Strips
Stone Sour
Thirteen Senses
Within Temptation

22 Jan
Jackson Analogue
Jamie T
The Knife
Money Mark
Mumm Ra
New Young Pony Club
Patrick Wolf
Revelation Theory
Snow Patrol

15 Jan
Just Jack
Leon Jean Marie
Stephen Marley
The View

8 Jan
Billy Talent
Cooper Temple Clause
Long Blondes
Mr Hudson & The Library
My Chemical Romance

18 Dec
Mr Hudson & The Library
New State Radio
Twisted By Design

4 Dec
Gym Class Heroes

27 Nov
Eric Pryd vs Floyd
Klaas vs I Am Finn
Larrikin Love
Public Domain
Queen vs Miami Project
Some Velvet Morning
Thomas Tantrum
The View