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Mad4these w/c 6 Aug 07
Choice new CD's - Click below for the latest on each artist

1 1 NOISETTES The Count Of Monte Cristo new single 3 Sept
2 12 THE USED Pretty Handsome Awkward new single 1 Sept
3 4 KANO & KATE NASH Me & My Mic from the forthcoming London Town album out 3 Sept
4 2 RUMBLE STRIPS Girls & Boys In Love new single 27 Aug
5 5 PARAMORE Hallelujah new single 3 Sept
6 3 KOSHEEN Overkill new single 27 August
7 - FREERUNNER Cold from new single She Get It out 17 Sept
8 - COBRA STARSHIP Send My Love To The Dancefloor new single 20 August
9 6 WE START FIRES Play You new single 20 August

10 - GHOST FREQUENCY Nightmare new single 13 August
11 - ROONEY When Did Your Heart Go Missing new single 3 Sept
12 - DIVINE HERESY Closure from the album 'Bleed The Filth' 27 Aug

The Boys
promo only
I don't think I've given two tens before so here's a first.
This 'filthy' outfit Dragonette have everything with their reworking of Calvin Harris 'The Girls'. A cumly shot back at Scot Harris, tongue firmly in cheek (someone's elses probably), but look at the visuals this band offer, hey maybe they're true to their word ... there's hope yet!

Ali Love
Late Night Session
new single 1 October 07
Brilliant, this man knows how to create authentic seventies style disco updated for 07 - Calvin Harris look out!

Alloy Mental
Alloy Mental
new single 3 September 07
Another exceptional new release, another Irish outfit with a storming tune with the dancefloor firmly in sight (just like Kharma 45)
Alloy Mental if there be any justice should easily make the top twenty

Fa Fa Fa
new single 24 September 07
Ccertainly not nil points for these Norwegians
Frederik and Ketil are capturing some new ground as the elctro dance invasion continues apace, and these guys know how to pen a catchy vocal too!

Fall Out Boy thnks fr th mmrs Remixes
Much requested Fall Out Boy
Superb band, great cd, each mix is excellent in it's own way

She Get It
new single 17 September
Great production and Cold is my pick.
Plenty of Kook like evidence suggest they may strike it lucky ..

When Did Your Heart Go Missing
new single 3 September
A fine single, which I note received firm recommendation in The Daily Star ... not that I read that tabloid non-sense ... much
They kind of remind me of Orson except maybe their ahead of the game here and will be much more wordly famous than Man Utd injury prone soccer star if he ever decides to follow Becks ankle strapped footsteps to Hollyweird

Bang Gang Deejays
Another superbly arranged set with over two hours worth of material neatly spliced and worked. The art of the DJ gets ever more intricate and these guys along with the Stanton Warriors give a top calss demonstration of how to. Great!!

Dead 60s
Stand Up
new single 3 September
I'm surprised at how much I like this.
I wasn't too keen on the last single yet I really like the groove on Dead 60s dub work. Reminiscent of Joe Strummer and The Clash's dabbling's in the genre, whilst the vocals are well back in the mix somehow Stand Up remains worthy as a song on Oscar The Punk's dub , and I really like it. So there

Kate Nash
Made Of Bricks
new album
She's hot ... and she's bothered
She's no wall flower, but she did look kind of coy and sweet on GMTV the other morning ... boy that was a late night
A debut album full of real life innit, and one lady who won't be ignored!

What Will You Do When The Money's Gone
new single 17 September 07
Milburn played a couple of shows at Cardiff Barfly last year and they've won many new fans so it's a dissappointment they won't be returning this autumn.
I love the free dollar that comes with this new release, a strong single and firmly establishes Milburn in the same league as The View and The Fratellis and at the moment they're not doing bad .. about mid table
Can't wait for the album

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Alloy Mental
Dead 60s Remix
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Noisettes mixes
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30 July
Fall Out Boy Mixes
Ghost Frequency
We Start Fires

23 July
SmashingPumpkins We Start Fires

16 Jul
Bang Gang DJ's
Eighties B-Line Matchbox Disaster
Fair To Midland

9 Jul
Jacknife Lee LP
Linkin Park
We Start Fires

2 Jul
MarkRonson Mixes

25 Jun
Garbage LP
GoodBooks LP
New Young Pony Club LP
The Strand
Twisted Charm LP

18 Jun
Against Me
Amy Winehouse mixes
The King Blues
Manics Single
The Thirst

11 Jun
Dead 60's
Funeral For A Friend
Garbage LP Samp.
Groove Armada & Mutya
Justice Album
Tokio Hotel
Ulrich Schnauss
Yeah Yeah Yeahs

4 Jun
Asobi Seksu LP
Dead Disco Remix
Good Books
Mark Ronson

28 May
Dinosaur Jr.
Fall Out boy
Marilyn Manson album
My Chemical Romance
Slaves To Gravity
Smashing Pumpkins
Within Temptation